Effectively Wild Episode 1867: Defining Fun

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley answer listener emails about why players in the dugout seem so confident in pitch locations, whether it would ever help to wear two gloves, MLB Big Inning and other baseball equivalents of NFL RedZone, the extreme dimensions of the Polo Grounds, what makes it so impressive that some players perform at the same level for a long time, whether the Cardinals are a fun team, and what it means when we say that a player is “fun to watch,” then (55:45) take pedantic questions about “pedantic” vs. “semantic,” whether every batted ball that hits the ground is a ground ball, “former” first-round draft picks, “number one” draft picks, how best to describe a batter’s small-sample line, the (un)importance of head-to-head team records, clearing the bases and homers that drive in multiple runs, how to refer to ballparks that have since changed their names, and the on-deck circle vs. the “next batter’s box,” followed (1:32:07) by a Past Blast from 1867.

Audio intro: Nick Lowe, “Hope for Us All
Audio outro: The Mynabirds, “Semantics

Link to Martinez ejection story
Link to MLB Big Inning
Link to B-Ref Stream Finder
Link to Ben on baseball RedZone
Link to the Mitchell catch
Link to Sam on the Mitchell catch
Link to Polo Grounds dimensions wiki
Link to B-Ref on the Polo Grounds
Link to THT on extreme ballparks
Link to THT on ballpark homogenization
Link to 85.4 mph home run
Link to Ben on quality of competition
Link to Dan Szymborski on Cardinals projections
Link to Viva El Birdos on Cardinals projections
Link to THT on political baseball jargon
Link to The Atlantic on baseball stereotypes
Link to research on baseball stereotypes
Link to Craig Wright on the running game
Link to Pages From Baseball’s Past
Link to Defector on The Athletic
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to 1867 story source
Link to 1873 dead ball ad
Link to “next batter’s box” diagram

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