Effectively Wild Episode 1888: Paper Tigers

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Mariners’ soaring playoff odds, a wild Mariners-Yankees game, the other greatest team gainers and losers in playoff probability over the past month, the difference between Baseball-Reference’s playoff odds and other sites’ versions, Keith Hernandez’s thoughts on the Phillies, how their own preseason predictions have held up, Steven Kwan and Triston McKenzie, the dominance of the Dodgers, a few significant injuries, the Tigers firing GM Al Avila (40:26) and the future of their franchise, Jason Heyward’s Cubs contract, Rodolfo Castro’s phone mishap, and more. Then (1:05:23) they share a Past Blast from 1888, Stat Blast (1:09:06) about Miles Mikolas and the worst start ever, Robinson CanĂ³’s trio of releases, Jake Fishman and long gaps between a college’s alumni making the majors, the most homers in a day by players with the same first name, games where every pitcher recorded the same number of outs, the longest winning streaks by sub-.500 teams, and the youth of the Guardians, before ending with a quick, condensed cold call (1:35:26) with nearly-97-year-old Larry Miggins, who hit the most emotional home run Vin Scully ever called.

Audio intro: The Soft Boys, “Lions and Tigers
Audio outro: The Fernweh, “Happy as Larry

Link to Yankees-Mariners game story
Link to BP on the game
Link to TOOTBLAN montage
Link to FG odds changes
Link to FG’s playoff odds page
Link to B-Ref’s playoff odds page
Link to Alex Speier on the Red Sox
Link to Keith’s Phillies comment
Link to The Ringer’s staff predictions
Link to FG’s staff predictions
Link to FG Kwan Q&A
Link to Dan S. on the White Sox
Link to Tigers statement on Avila
Link to The Athletic on Avila
Link to The Athletic on Avila again
Link to Heyward news
Link to Heyward’s FA value
Link to story on Heyward’s speech
Link to Joe Posnanski on Heyward’s deal
Link to AP story on Castro
Link to Castro video
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to 1888 story source 1
Link to 1888 story source 2
Link to Stathead
Link to Kenny Jackelen on Twitter
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to worst 2022 starts
Link to worst post-1947 starts
Link to article on Oquist’s start
Link to most releases sheet
Link to college debut gaps sheet
Link to sheet of same-out-count games
Link to Garver game at B-Ref
Link to Garver episode
Link to list of longest sub-.500 W streaks
Link to weighted team ages sheet
Link to youngest/oldest teams sheet
Link to Guardians/Mustard story
Link to listener emails database
Link to Pages from Baseball’s Past
Link to Craig Wright on Miggins/Scully
Link to Scully video
Link to list of oldest living players
Link to Miggins’ SABR bio
Link to story on Miggins and Scully
Link to story on Miggins and Jackie
Link to 1946 story on Jackie’s debut

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