Effectively Wild Episode 1903: Great Scott

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley talk (4:09) to baseball agent and attorney Scott Boras, the founder, owner, and president of the Boras Corporation (as if you didn’t know who Scott Boras was), about his busiest days, his process for brainstorming metaphors, similes, and puns, his fondness for nautical analogies, other wordplay-related matters, the CBA, his agency’s evolving use of analytics and player-improvement techniques, the unionization of minor leaguers and the conditions he faced as a minor league player, exploiting loopholes, his origin story as a negotiator, whether he’d give it all up to have been a big leaguer, and more. Then (51:45) Ben and Meg discuss Boras’s career and Stat Blast (1:08:30) about Shohei Ohtani’s hitting on days when he pitches, plus (1:30:45) a double Past Blast from 1903.

Audio intro: Sparks, “Metaphor
Audio interstitial: Dan Bern, “Negotiation
Audio outro: Willie Nelson, “Still Not Dead

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