Effectively Wild Episode 1910: Broken Record

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the fight for the third wild card in the National League and the way in which the expanded playoff format shifts attention toward middling teams, appreciating postseason success and regular-season success, the regular-season dominance of the Dodgers, home-run-record derangement syndrome (17:52) and a middle ground between the warring absolutists worked up one way or another about Aaron Judge (or pitchers not pitching to him), a better name for the combined cycle, a suspicious Carlos Correa quote, a counterintuitive observation about Yadier Molina’s basestealing suppression, Tony La Russa reportedly not returning to the White Sox next season, Rich Hill planning to pitch again, pedantic questions (1:13:01) about non-baseball ballparks, payoff pitches, and long balls vs. big balls, plus a new name for the Grand Junction Rockies, a new use for a descending mound, and a Past Blast (1:26:09) from 1910.

Audio intro: Vampire Weekend, “Obvious Bicycle
Audio outro: AC/DC, “Big Balls

Link to study on chance in the playoffs
Link to Ginny Searle on the Dodgers
Link to Maris Jr. quote
Link to Ben on the PED era
Link to Rob Arthur on PED HR outliers
Link to Lamont video
Link to Connecticut baseball divide
Link to Correa video
Link to Correa quote text
Link to Russell on Molina
Link to Edwards on Molina
Link to TLR report
Link to Hill report
Link to EW emails database
Link to “last strike” EW wiki page
Link to GJ Rockies renaming report
Link to GJ Chubs EW wiki page
Link to pit clock EW wiki page
Link to 1910 story source
Link to cork ball source
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter
Link to Ohtani game story
Link to Sheehan on middling teams
Link to Lasagna story

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