Effectively Wild Episode 1967: Season Preview Series: Angels and Red Sox (Plus Joe West)

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Yu Darvish’s extension, then continue their 2023 season preview series by discussing the Los Angeles Angels (10:11) with The Athletic’s Sam Blum and the Boston Red Sox (59:32) with The Boston Globe’s Alex Speier, plus a Past Blast (1:47:29) from 1967, an impromptu chat between Ben and former MLB umpire Joe West about whether/why West edited his own Wikipedia page (1:50:12), and a few follow-ups (2:11:42).

Audio intro: Lord Huron, “Not Dead Yet
Audio interstitial: The Thrills, “This Year
Audio outro: Frank Sinatra, “Maybe This Time

Link to MLBTR on Darvish
Link to MLBTR on Yamamoto
Link to Baumann on FA pitchers
Link to FG team projections
Link to payroll rankings
Link to Angels offseason tracker
Link to Angels depth chart
Link to Sam on Neto
Link to Sam’s previous EW episode
Link to Petriello on the Angels
Link to Heyman on Moreno
Link to Sam’s author archive
Link to Red Sox offseason tracker
Link to Red Sox depth chart
Link to Alex’s author archive
Link to Alex on Devers
Link to Alex on the bullpen
Link to Alex on Yoshida
Link to Eno on the volatile Sox
Link to Homegrown
Link to 1967 article source
Link to other 1967 article source
Link to Stanky Draft EW episode
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to Joe West Reddit thread
Link to West’s Wikipedia page
Link to Crewchief22 talk page
Link to Carew ejection story
Link to NFLPA logo
Link to baseball exceptionalism wiki
Link to guest/predictions spreadsheet
Link to prediction averages spreadsheet

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1 year ago

Joe West going line by line through his Wikipedia page and disputing a bunch of events is, uh, definitely something!