Effectively Wild Episode 1973: Season Preview Series: Phillies and Orioles

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley announce that they’re hiring a new podcast editor and solicit applications for the position, then (9:40) banter about another zombie-runner-related update to dictionary.com, MLB’s latest crackdown on sticky stuff, displaying the pitch clock on broadcast score bugs, Albert Pujols’s 10-year personal services contract with the Angels, and Rays pitcher Ryan Thompson’s comments about the arbitration process. After that, they continue their 2023 season preview series by discussing the Philadelphia Phillies (50:09) with Matt Gelb of The Athletic, and the Baltimore Orioles (1:26:47) with Nathan Ruiz of the Baltimore Sun, plus a double Past Blast from 1973 (2:05:42).

Audio intro: Girlpool, “Hire
Audio interstitial 1: The House of Love, “Philly Phile
Audio interstitial 2: The Felice Brothers, “Baltimore
Audio outro: Emitt Rhodes, “Really Wanted You

Link to updated “automatic runner” entry
Link to current “ghost runner” entry
Link to original “ghost runner” entry
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Link to other ’85 reference
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Link to Stark on sticky stuff
Link to Eno on sticky stuff
Link to Eno on sticky stuff again
Link to info on crows
Link to info on score bugs
Link to Blum on Pujols
Link to Thompson’s Twitter thread
Link to Thompson’s agency site
Link to Rosenthal on arbitration
Link to BP’s Arbitration Showdown
Link to FG post on arbitrators
Link to Rays Pride Night story
Link to FG playoff odds
Link to FG payroll rankings
Link to Phillies offseason tracker
Link to Phillies depth chart
Link to Middleton comments
Link to Matt’s spring training preview
Link to Matt on Painter
Link to ESPN on Song
Link to Matt on Song
Link to Matt on Thomson
Link to Matt’s author archive
Link to Orioles offseason tracker
Link to Orioles depth chart
Link to Plexiglass Principle info
Link to MLB.com regression article
Link to Sun sign removal tweet
Link to Nathan on the Sun sign
Link to Nathan on Angelos
Link to Nathan on Orioles team models
Link to story on throwing over plate
Link to more on throwing over plate
Link to BA on throwing over plate
Link to Angelos MLK Day story
Link to Angelos open books story
Link to story on throwing over plate
Link to Nathan’s author archive
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Link to MLB 3-team doubleheaders
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to 1973 potential tie source
Link to 1973 potential tiebreaker source
Link to 1973 “NL Least” source
Link to story on 1973 race
Link to Ben on a 5-way tie
Link to Russell on a 5-way tie
Link to EW episode on a 5-way tie
Link to Jay Jaffe’s team entropy requiem

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