Effectively Wild Episode 1981: An Arrow in the Knee at the WBC

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Edwin Díaz’s season-ending injury at the WBC and the anti-WBC sentiment it engendered, then (20:39) bring on top-tier Patreon supporter Michael Eisen to discuss his history with Effectively Wild and baseball and how his scientific research is analogous to baseball research, before answering listener emails (31:29) about the best way to use an ambidextrous pitcher, reenacting a specific baseball game, what it would be like if baseball players were worse than they used to be, mutual pitch-calling, a league with only hitters or pitchers, a possible upside of cheating, the pitch clock and the hidden-ball trick, whether MLB games used to be closer, ending the Yankees’ facial-hair policy, a “pitch jingle,” and even bigger bases, plus a Past Blast (1:48:06) from 1981.

Audio intro: Andy Ellison, “Accident Waiting to Happen
Audio outro: Jeff Eliassen, “Michael

Link to “arrow in the knee” wiki
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Link to Rob Mains on comebacks
Link to Rob Arthur on mismatches
Link to 1999 story on Vaughn and Reds
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Link to Yankees policy history
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Link to story about policy’s legality
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Link to more on the legality
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