Effectively Wild Episode 1991: Mascot Moment

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a Star Wars emergency and (5:17) an nVenue Apple odds update, then (8:57) answer listener emails about how good a team has to be to convince people that it’s cheating, a hypothetical Mike Trout ultimatum about Shohei Ohtani, whether MLB would ban a real-life Sidd Finch, whether not having to bat makes pitchers more likely to hit batters, which teams will have the most and fewest pitch-clock violations, clock-defeating schemes using baseballs and beach balls, the speediest strikeout, and mascot polling, followed by Stat Blasts (1:23:57) about the biggest velo differences in a game and on back-to-back pitches, the longest streaks of pitching appearances with a decision, the hardest-hit liners caught in the infield, and the latest in a season a division has gone without any team falling out of first for good, and a Past Blast (1:38:00) from 1991.

Audio intro: Ted O., “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Ted O., “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Daniel Chin on Star Wars
Link to nVenue episode
Link to NBA Launchpad info
Link to more Launchpad info
Link to Jeff on baseball LeBron
Link to Rob Mains on hitting batters
Link to Machado ejection
Link to Anderson ejection
Link to Ohtani violations
Link to Rob on age and pace
Link to Russell on pace and velo
Link to pitch tempo page
Link to Pitching Ninja video
Link to 2023 velo uptick
Link to mascot poll
Link to Mariner Moose info
Link to Slider info
Link to listener emails database
Link to Stat Blasts page
Link to MPH differences sheet
Link to decision-streak queries
Link to Pederson liner
Link to hardest-hit liner
Link to Acuña liner
Link to hardest-hit-liner leaders
Link to corner liner leaders
Link to simple division analysis
Link to complex division analysis
Link to 2006 NL West graph
Link to 1991 Past Blast source
Link to 1992 article
Link to 1992 article continued
Link to 2014 article
Link to Hall obit
Link to bases website
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack

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