Effectively Wild Episode 2012: Double Clutch

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Ben’s prediction concerning the Padres’ and Rangers’ rest-of-season performance with runners in scoring position, then (14:08) answer listener emails about the ultimate Quadruple-A player, leaving runners on base for the opposing team, immaculate-inning edge cases, tanking for Shohei Ohtani, setting up a lifelong Google Alert for a player, the 2020 season’s impact on Hall of Fame cases, and Barry Bonds with an extra-short bat, followed by (1:12:43) Stat Blasts about the frequency of in-game position switches and the most players on a team who had previously played on the same former team, plus (1:40:06) a Past Blast from 2012 and a few follow-ups.

Audio intro: Tom Rhoads, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Dave Armstrong and Mike Murray, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to lowest tOPS+ w/RISP
Link to lowest OPS w/RISP
Link to highest tOPS+ w/RISP
Link to highest OPS w/RISP
Link to OPS w/bases empty
Link to Petriello on the Rangers
Link to Odor HR
Link to preseason predictions pod
Link to latest MiLB FA draft
Link to Gonny Jomes wiki
Link to old EW on immaculate innings
Link to Oviedo’s inning
Link to info on Mavs tanking
Link to article on Wemby tanking
Link to Waddell SABR bio
Link to McLaughlin wiki
Link to McLaughlin feature
Link to Posnanski on DiMaggio
Link to Jay on missed time
Link to Jay on missed time again
Link to Bois on Bonds
Link to listener emails database
Link to Topps Now cards
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to positional permutations
Link to position-switch sheet
Link to second Stat Blast doc
Link to 2012 Past Blast source
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to America Magazine article
Link to other Dodgers/SPI links
Link to Calcaterra newsletter
Link to Alonso clip
Link to Sabathia periods source
Link to more on C.C./CC

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