Effectively Wild Episode 2052: New Kids on the Block

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about classifying throws by infielders that are actually made in the outfield, imagine a multi-sport two-way Shohei Ohtani, and belatedly acknowledge Scott Cooper’s singular cycle, discuss Kyle Schwarber’s possible sub-replacement-level 40-homer season, break down the NL MVP race featuring Ronald Acuña Jr., Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman, pat Kyle Barraclough on the back for wearing one, note that regression has come for Mickey Moniak, and offer another hosana to Julio Rodríguez. Then they follow up on the previous episode’s mystery about why wild pitches and passed balls have declined, first (1:06:51) by interviewing Yankees quality control and catching coach Tanner Swanson about improvements in catching technique and the evolution of catcher defense, and then (1:37:13) by presenting additional data and theorizing, followed by (1:47:29) a Future Blast from 2052.

Audio intro: Andy Ellison, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Dave Armstrong and Mike Murray, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Elly’s 99.8 mph throw
Link to Elly’s 99.7 mph throw
Link to Elly’s 97.9 mph throw
Link to infield-throws leaderboard
Link to infield-throwers leaderboard
Link to Winn’s 100.5 mph throw
Link to Winn’s 99.9 mph throw
Link to arm strength leaderboard
Link to Haberstroh on two-sport players
Link to post on Cooper’s cycle
Link to Cooper’s cycle game
Link to Cooper’s cycle video
Link to Schwarber tweet
Link to sub-replacement sluggers
Link to Eli Ben-Porat on batting average
Link to Tom Tango on batting average
Link to Tango on batting average again
Link to Ben Clemens on batting average
Link to FG WAR leaders
Link to B-Ref WAR leaders
Link to Mike Petriello on MVP Mookie
Link to SB leaderboard
Link to FG post on Freeman’s baserunning
Link to story on fans and Acuña
Link to video of fans and Acuña
Link to Moniak slump stretch
Link to Posnanski on the Stargell Award
Link to MVPs w/multiple teams
Link to Mearns on Barraclough
Link to Stathead on Barraclough
Link to EW Stat Blast about WP/PB
Link to team catcher defense
Link to story on Swanson and Garver
Link to story about catching’s future
Link to Swanson MVP Machine reference
Link to story on Swanson and the Yankees
Link to Ben on Flowers
Link to Franke/Rogers catcher slides
Link to Kai Franke on Twitter
Link to Jack Rogers on Twitter
Link to team CI leaderboard
Link to EW on the CI surge
Link to Tango on interference and framing
Link to WP/PB totals
Link to Cooper on one-knee catching
Link to Cooper on one-knee catching 2
Link to Cooper on one-knee catching 3
Link to Rick Wilber’s website
Link to Future Blast wiki
Link to Tango on errors/hits
Link to Cooper on errors/hits

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