Effectively Wild Episode 2093: Like Catnip

Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and top-tier Patreon supporter Kevin Peskuric banter about and quantify the difference between the receptions to an @MLB tweet about a Shohei Ohtani cat encounter and an @Yankees tweet about Henry Kissinger. Then (18:48) they talk about Kevin’s background as a baseball fan and EW listener, answer listener emails (32:13) about whether facing only bad hitters could get a pitcher to the Hall of Fame, activating a five-second pitch clock once per game, a team-wide Freaky Friday-esque body swap, and describing players’ bodies in scouting reports, and Stat Blast (1:07:39) about players with more WAR than HR, interdivision records and the AL Central, and the most pitches thrown in a game before the first whiff, followed by a radio-play-style Future Blast (1:33:31) from 2093.

Audio intro: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Andy Ellison, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Twitter ratio explanation
Link to Ohtani cat tweet
Link to Yankees Kissinger tweet
Link to Biden’s Kissinger statement
Link to Rolling Stone Kissinger obit
Link to “Nobody:” meme
Link to info on view counts
Link to info on Twain misquotation
Link to Jeff on opponent quality
Link to BP team opponent quality
Link to EW Episode 2089
Link to hurry-up offense wiki
Link to Trout hypotheticals wiki
Link to Ben on Reds scouting reports
Link to Ben on Scout School
Link to scouting glossary
Link to Rob on MLB handsomeness
Link to Rob on MiLB handsomeness
Link to halo effect wiki
Link to Colon’s nickname info
Link to Stathead on WAR>HR
Link to Rob on division records
Link to Rob’s interdivision data
Link to Rob on Twitter
Link to 1998 Baseball Weekly article
Link to 1998 Ocker article
Link to 1998 AP article
Link to 1998 game’s play log
Link to 2000 game’s play log
Link to 2007 game’s play log
Link to latest-first-whiff data
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to 1985 Mantle/Radatz article
Link to Mantle/Radatz H2H record
Link to Sam on Musial/Labine
Link to listener emails database
Link to Future Blast text
Link to Rick Wilber’s site
Link to Alan Smale’s site
Link to 1932 WS clip
Link to The Naked Gun clip
Link to O’Neill cylinder wiki
Link to Ami Li on Twitter
Link to Chris Hanel on Twitter
Link to Shane McKeon on Twitter
Link to Dan Szymborski on Twitter
Link to Secret Santa sign-up sheet

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