Effectively Wild Episode 2114: Weekend WARriors

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the offseason doldrums and this winter’s free-agent activity compared to last year’s, the Josh Hader and Robert Stephenson signings (with a contract over/under draft update), a bleak week in sports (and non-sports) media, pitcher/catcher technique and the automated strike zone, and the invasion of players named Jackson, followed by Stat Blasts (1:14:48) about Hader’s strikeout splits by out count, “minimum journeymen,” the longest palindromic win-loss sequences, and the most consecutive games started at catcher.

Audio intro: Ian H., “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Tom Rhoads, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Lobner Facebook post
Link to Jake/Jordan FA tweet
Link to MLBTR on Graveman
Link to MLBTR on Hader
Link to MLBTR on Uwasawa
Link to MLBTR on Stephenson
Link to RP K% post-6/2
Link to over/under draft results
Link to The Ringer on SI
Link to apocalypse sign article
Link to The Atlantic on Pitchfork
Link to L.A. Times layoffs story
Link to Axios on media layoffs
Link to Defector on VC greed
Link to The Nation on ESPN/NFL
Link to Tango on intended location
Link to Ben on Lincecum in 2014
Link to Eno on command in 2018
Link to Tango on catcher location
Link to Tango on catcher lunges
Link to Tango on framing
Link to EW Episode 2054
Link to EW Episode 1851
Link to BA on Jacksons
Link to Jackson baby name data
Link to strikeout splits Stathead
Link to leaguewide strikeout splits
Link to minimum journeymen sheet
Link to palindrome Reddit question
Link to palindromic records sheet
Link to C start streak sheet
Link to C start % averages
Link to catcher ironmen page
Link to FG post on qualified catchers
Link to Ben on catcher fatigue
Link to study on player rest
Link to FG post on qualified catchers
Link to Stat Blast on qualified hitters
Link to Frankie Hayes SABR bio
Link to Young Sheldon spinoff story
Link to Stat Blast song cover
Link to all Stat Blast covers

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Glenn Williams
2 months ago

I have been listenig for years and love the podcast, but I really miss the days when episodes were a half hour or so. You are approaching almost two hours per podcast these days. What’s worse is that you seem to be dragging them out. You guys make a point, then make it again, and again. Twenty sentences for four sentences of information. And as a point is dragged on, there are longer pauses to try to come up with yet another way to say the same thing. You need a podcast version of the pitch clock – perhaps the point clock.

I’m a loyal fan but I find myself skipping episodes for the aforementioned issues.