Effectively Wild Episode 2119: The All-Time BP Annual Guessing Game

Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and Baseball Prospectus editor-in-chief Craig Goldstein and managing editor Patrick Dubuque banter about editing, discuss the Orioles’ impending change in ownership (10:25), examine the newly released Baseball Prospectus 2024 (22:01), and then play a guessing/Remembering Some Guys game in which they each read aloud book comments about six unidentified players apiece, pulled from the full 29-year run of BP Annuals (39:20).

Audio intro: Benny and a Million Shetland Ponies, “Effectively Wild Theme (Horny)
Audio outro: Andy Ellison, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Baseball Prospectus 2024
Link to FG SP depth charts
Link to FG post on Burnes
Link to MLBTR on Rubenstein
Link to The Carlyle Group wiki
Link to Rob Mains on the sale
Link to The Athletic on the sale
Link to Tsao’s Wikipedia page
Link to Ben on bidets

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