Effectively Wild Episode 2131: Season Preview Series: Phillies and Angels

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Shohei Ohtani’s surprise marriage announcement (5:15), and Portia of Ohtani fan account @shoheisaveus returns (18:13) to tell Ben how the news was received by the Shobae community. Then Ben and Meg Stat Blast (36:49) about the biggest year-to-year changes in WAR produced by different players who wore the same uniform number for the same team, preview the 2024 Philadelphia Phillies (44:20) with The Athletic’s Matt Gelb, and preview the 2024 Los Angeles Angels (1:21:51) with The Athletic’s Sam Blum.

Audio intro: Dave Armstrong and Mike Murray, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio interstitial 1: Benny and a Million Shetland Ponies, “Effectively Wild Theme (Horny Version)
Audio interstitial 2: The Shirey Brothers, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Tom Rhoads, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to thread on Cal’s stats
Link to anti-Streak take
Link to owner Cal article
Link to Ohtani’s Insta post
Link to Portia’s first appearance
Link to Ohtani comments
Link to Ichiro dog secrecy
Link to Matsui marriage
Link to Matsui wife drawing
Link to “Ohtani loss” tweet
Link to other Ohtani tweet
Link to John on Ed Sullivan
Link to Dozier tweet
Link to Stat Blast data
Link to Stat Blast song cover
Link to Kenny Jackelen’s Twitter
Link to Phillies offseason tracker
Link to Phillies depth chart
Link to Matt’s Athletic archive
Link to himbo article 1
Link to himbo article 2
Link to Harper offer report
Link to Harper extension article
Link to Matt on Realmuto
Link to Tango on Realmuto’s framing
Link to Eno on Dombrowski pens
Link to Laurila on Dombrowski pens
Link to Sam on Bryant
Link to Moreno report
Link to Angels offseason tracker
Link to Angels depth chart
Link to Sam on Percival
Link to Sam on Rendon
Link to EW on Rendon
Link to Sam’s Athletic archive
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Link to Sam on Schanuel
Link to FG top 100
Link to MLB top 100
Link to BP farm rankings
Link to Soto/Bradley report

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