Effectively Wild Episode 2143: The 2024 Preseason Predictions Game

Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and FanGraphs authors Michael Baumann and Ben Clemens play “Character Who Appears in Shōgun the Novel (but Not the TV Series) or International Amateur Baseball Player” (3:13), banter about an MLBPA power struggle (8:37) and the life of late Orioles owner Peter Angelos (16:51), and then explain the second annual preseason predictions game (22:38) and make 10 bold predictions apiece (29:00) about baseball in 2024, to be voted on by listeners.

Audio intro: Luke Lillard, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Benny and a Million Shetland Ponies, “Effectively Wild Theme (Horny)

Link to Sasaki article
Link to Jarvis singing video
Link to Passan on the MLBPA
Link to Drellich on Flaherty
Link to latest on the MLBPA
Link to Drellich on McHugh
Link to Meyer letter
Link to MLBTR on Angelos
Link to Angelos wiki
Link to Rubenstein story
Link to last year’s predictions pod
Link to predictions recap pod
Link to last year’s results
Link to wiki on last year
Link to combined WAR leaderboard
Link to Ben on 2022 Pujols
Link to jacked players list
Link to slim Stanton video
Link to FG top 100
Link to 2024 oldest players
Link to 40+ PA by year
Link to batter age by year
Link to multi-year RoY vote-getters
Link to tiebreaker rules
Link to FG playoff odds
Link to Bananas cruise
Link to total SB by year
Link to Sam on SB
Link to Russell on pickoffs
Link to obstruction enforcement
Link to enforcement explainer
Link to obstruction call video
Link to Lindor play piece 1
Link to Lindor play piece 2
Link to MiLB FA draft projections
Link to Thames GIF
Link to Ben on Shohei
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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2 months ago

I really appreciate the spice that Baumann brought to this episode.