Effectively Wild Episode 2167: All Tuckered Out

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the hype surrounding Paul Skenes starts and how Skenes has leveled up since he was drafted, whether Kyle Tucker could finally shed his “most underrated player” label, Gunnar Henderson vs. Bobby Witt Jr. (and the Orioles’ infield/outfield future), the resurgent Royals, Jo Adell’s (maybe?) breakout, Joey Gallo’s ever-stranger stats, the Yankees’ success without Gerrit Cole, the powerhouse Phillies, Chris Sale’s bounceback, Ketel Marte’s unspectacular hitting streak (and Orlando Cabrera’s unspectacular on-base streak), disputes about pitch usage featuring Framber Valdez and Jhoan Duran, Alek Manoah’s strong starts, pitchers facing themselves via advanced pitching machines, Javy Báez tags, stripping out luck from batter WAR, and more.

Audio intro: Dave Armstrong and Mike Murray, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Longenhagen on Skenes
Link to Woodward on Skenes
Link to top 100 prospects update
Link to Baumann on Tucker
Link to combined WAR leaderboard
Link to Rome on Tucker
Link to Rosenthal on Witt/Gunnar
Link to Sheehan on shortstops
Link to Sheehan on shortstops 2
Link to Ben on Machado/Arenado
Link to EW on Freeman/Goldschmidt
Link to Holliday CF rumor
Link to Clemens on Ortiz
Link to Sheehan on the Royals
Link to BaseRuns standings
Link to Sheehan on the Phils
Link to Phillies smooches
Link to Tango on net FA spending
Link to Jaffe on Sale
Link to Jaffe on Adell
Link to Adell wall ball
Link to Cole update
Link to team framing
Link to Ben on Gallo in 2014
Link to Gallo’s Savant page
Link to Marte streak story
Link to longest 1-hit streaks
Link to Cabrera streak post
Link to tweets about Valdez
Link to story on Duran
Link to blog about Duran
Link to Duran curve xWOBA
Link to Duran pitch values
Link to team fastball %
Link to pitch sequencing post
Link to Rob Arthur on pitch usage
Link to Rob on pitch usage 2
Link to Angels pitching machines
Link to Ben on pitching machines
Link to BABIP explainer
Link to Tango on xWOBA
Link to Richard on “on deck”
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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