Fan Projection Targets – 12/28/09

Today’s three targets share two things in common: 1) each is a centerfielder, and 2) each stands shorter than 6′. They are Rajai Davis, Tony Gwynn (Jr.), and Brett Gardner.

Here’s a random thought about each.

Here’s a fun fact to show anyone that thinks Billy Beane holds the same thoughts as he did in Moneyball: Davis has attempted 84 steals in the last two seasons. In 2002, the A’s attempted 66… as a team.

The most annoying aspect about Gwynn is that the FanGraphs linker tool doesn’t know whether I mean him or his father. Argh.

Raise your hand if you had Gardner outlasting Melky Cabrera in the Bronx three years ago. Yep, this is why rosterbating years in advance often leads to blindness.

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So maybe I didn’t see Gardner outlasting him three years ago, but when he first came up almost two years ago, I was hoping and praying Cashman would ditch the Melkman. Gardner has better range, a better arm (or did that stat ever normalize after his freakish showing earlier in the year?), and can get on base more. Best reason for making the Granderson trade was to get him in the lineup.

Done re-hashing old analysis now. Carry on.