FanGraphs Audio: An Alternate Universe of Sorts

Episode 901

On this week’s episode of FanGraphs Audio, the gang looks ahead to the new minor league landscape set for 2021 before looking back and considering an alternate Hall of Fame timeline.

  • To lead things off, Ben Clemens and Meg Rowley discuss their recent research on the reimagined minor leagues. How many people are expected to lose access to affordable, in-person baseball, and what exactly does that mean? [1:54]
  • After that, Eric Longenhagen offers a thought experiment: What if Jay Jaffe had been solely in charge of Hall of Fame voting in recent years? Some induction choices would obviously have gone differently, but Eric and Jay find that the rolling ballot has real effects on later classes — in this hypothetical scenario as well as in actual history. [27:54]

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Audio after the jump. (Approximate 1 hour 13 minute play time.)

Dylan works on FanGraphs Audio, Effectively Wild, the FanGraphs Live Twitch channel, and the Community Research blog. He also enjoys the Waxahachie Swap, the Air Bud principle, and the Oxford comma. You can Tweet him about any of those things @dhhiggins.

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