FanGraphs Audio: Ben Clemens Gets to Know the KBO

Episode 885

On this edition of FanGraphs Audio, I welcome FanGraphs writer Ben Clemens to the program. Ben and I discuss the upcoming KBO season, his series on whacky World Series tactics, and the form we’d like baseball to take when it returns in the US. Plus, Ben reveals a shocking predilection for drinking plain, hot water, and a not-so-shocking affinity for board games.

Ben’s primers on the KBO: Part One and Part Two

Ben’s Wild World Series Tactics series: 1990-1993, 1995-1997, 1998-2000, 2001-2003

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Audio after the jump. (Approximate 52 min play time.)

Meg is the managing editor of FanGraphs and the co-host of Effectively Wild. Prior to joining FanGraphs, her work appeared at Baseball Prospectus, Lookout Landing, and Just A Bit Outside. You can follow her on twitter @megrowler.

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