FanGraphs Audio: Dylan Higgins Signs Off

Episode 1015

This week’s episode is a bittersweet one, as your favorite podcast producer (that’s me!) tells his story before saying goodbye.

Dialing in from the snowy slopes of France, Ben Clemens interviews me, Dylan Higgins, for the latest edition of FanGraphs Backstories. Ben and I talk about the gateway drug that was Moneyball, how I hopped from internship to internship, and the summer I spent in an office with Branch Rickey III. I also tell Ben about my adventures working in the Australian Baseball League, finding myself in a sticky championship celebration, and eventually finding my people at FanGraphs.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximate 51 minute play time.)

Dylan assists in producingFanGraphs Audio, Effectively Wild, and the FanGraphs Live Twitch channel. He also enjoys the Waxahachie Swap (RIP), the Air Bud principle, and the Oxford comma. You can Tweet him about any of those things @dhhiggins.

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