FanGraphs Live: Friday Draft Stream, 10 AM PT/1 PM ET

Join me and Kevin Goldstein on Twitch at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET for a unique Friday stream that takes you inside our process. We won’t be breaking down video this time; instead, we will be breaking down The Board. Sure a few players might move here and there, but for the most part, this will be a public broadcast of one of our many internal calls as we discuss the current state of Draft section of The Board and our plans for getting the information we need to make smart changes to it.

Join us on the FanGraphs homepage or the FanGraphs Live Twitch channel.

As always, we will be taking your questions in the chat, and hope you enjoy this parting of the curtain as to how we do things.

Eric Longenhagen is from Catasauqua, PA and currently lives in Tempe, AZ. He spent four years working for the Phillies Triple-A affiliate, two with Baseball Info Solutions and two contributing to prospect coverage at Previous work can also be found at Sports On Earth, CrashburnAlley and Prospect Insider.

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2 years ago

So a couple of guys that I haven’t heard much from Fangraphs but I’ve heard a lot about from other places: Joe Mack, Alex Mooney, Lonnie White Jr., Ben Kudrna. I’m not sure any of them are surefire first rounders there but I’m wondering about them.