Getting Ready for the 2014 Amateur Draft

Major League Baseball will hold it’s Rule 4 amateur draft on this week, with the main action on Thursday, June 5. MLB Network and will broadcast and stream, respectively, pick-by-pick coverage of the first four rounds: Round One, Competitive Balance Round A, Round Two, and Competitive Balance Round B. In essence, the top 74 spots. The draft will continue untelevised on Friday and Saturday.

This is the second year for the new draft rules that were implemented as part of the collective bargaining agreement inked at the end of 2011. Before last’s year’s draft, I wrote a two-parter on the new rules. Part I (here) discussed the changes to the free-agent compensation system and the competitive balance draft picks. Note that the qualifying offer price after the 2013 season was $14.1 million. Part 2 (here) explained the new draft slot values (the amount a team can spend on each particular draft pick, with the most money going to the number one pick) and the new draft bonus pools (the total amount each team can spend in the Rule 4 draft). If you’re unfamiliar with the new rules, or just need a refresher, take a look at last year’s posts before reading on.

2014 Draft Order

The following is the list of draft picks through the end of the third round (draft pick number 104).

First Round Competitive Balance Round A Second Round Competitive Balance Round B Third Round
1. Astros 35. Rockies 42. Astros 69. D’Backs 75. Astros
2. Marlins 36. Marlins 43. Marlins 70. D’Backs 76. Marlins
3. White Sox 37. Astros 44. White Sox 71. Cardinals 77. White Sox
4. Cubs 38. Indians 45. Cubs 72. Rays 78. Cubs
5. Twins 39. Pirates 46. Twins 73. Pirates 79. Twins
6. Mariners 40. Royals 47. Phillies 74. Mariners 80. Mariners
7. Phillies 41. Brewers 48. Rockies 81. Phillies
8. Rockies 49. Blue Jays 82. Rockies
9. Blue Jays 50. Brewers 83. Blue Jays
10. Mets 51. Padres 84. Mets
11. Blue Jays 52. Giants 85. Brewers
12. Brewers 53. Angels 86. Padres
13. Padres 54. D’Backs 87. Giants
14. Giants 55. Yankees 88. Angels
15. Angels 56. Royals 89. D’Backs
16. D’Backs 57. Nationals 90. Orioles
17. Royals 58. Reds 91. Yankees
18. Nat’ls 59. Rangers 92. Royals
19. Reds 60. Rays 93. Nationals
20. Rays 61. Indians 94. Reds
21. Indians 62. Dodgers 95. Rangers
22. Dodgers 63. Tigers 96. Rays
23. Tigers 64. Pirates 97. Indians
24. Pirates 65. Athletics 98. Dodgers
25. Athletics 66. Braves 99. Tigers
26. Red Sox 67. Red Sox 100. Pirates
27. Cards 68. Cardinals 101. Athletics
28. Royals 102. Braves
29. Reds 103. Red Sox
30. Rangers 104. Cards
31. Indians
32. Braves
33. Red Sox
34. Cards

The Yankees lost their first round pick when they signed Brian McCann away from the Braves, and their Competitive Balance Round A picks for signing Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) and Carlos Beltran (Cardinals). The Mets forfeited their second round pick when they signed Curtis Granderson away from the Yankees (the Mets’ first round pick was protected). The Mariners lost a second round pick when they signed Robinson Cano away from the Yankees (Seattle’s first round pick was also protected). The Rangers, Orioles, and Braves also lost first round picks for signing Shin-Soo Choo (Reds), Nelson Cruz (Rangers), and Ervin Santana (Royals), respectively. The Orioles also lost a second round pick for signing Ubaldo Jimenez away from the Indians.

Draft Slot Value and Bonus Pools

The total allotment for the first ten rounds of the draft is $205,786,400, just a 1.6% increase over the 2013 total ($202,501,600). That’s in contrast to the 8.2% increase between the 2012 slot value totals and the 2013 slot value totals.  Baseball America predicts teams will spend more than the amount allotted for the first ten rounds, as they did last year, the first under the full set of new rules.

The Marlins would have led all teams with $14,199,300 in their bonus pool,  but they just traded their 39th pick with a $1,457,600 slot value to the Pirates for reliever Bryan Morris. The Marlins now have $12,741,700 to spend on draft picks. The Astros are first with $13,362,200 to spend. The Orioles have the least amount to spend — only $2,204,400. You can see the full list of team bonus pools here, from Baseball America.

The Astros have the first pick in the draft for the third year in a row. The slot value for the number one pick is set at $7,922,100. Note, however, that the Astros didn’t spend the full amount allotted for the number one draft pick in either 2012 or 2013. The Cardinals have the last pick in the first round, with a slot value of only $1,650,400.  Baseball America lists the draft slot values for the first 315 picks here.

Tune in this week on MLB Network or And then watch as teams work to sign their drafted players by the July 18 deadline.

Wendy writes about sports and the business of sports. She's been published most recently by Vice Sports, Deadspin and You can find her work at and follow her on Twitter @hangingsliders.

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9 years ago

I was really surprised to check on fangraphs this morning and not see an article about the first draft pick for player trade in years.

9 years ago
Reply to  Sam

The Astros received the 37th pick from the Orioles in last year’s Bud Norris trade…so first such trade in *a* year?

I’m not sure if anyone took advantage of the ability to trade the competitive balance picks before that.

Ross B
9 years ago
Reply to  nivalis

That happened after the draft, so the O’s traded the guy they selected with the 37th pick to the Astros.

Pirates Hurdles
9 years ago
Reply to  nivalis

Pirates traded their competitive balance pick in 2013 to Miami with Gorkys Hernandez for Gaby Sanchez back in 2012.

Miami apparently returned the favor by stunningly paying the 39th overall pick for a bad middle reliever.

9 years ago

You’re right. I forgot about the Sanchez deal. I have to say, both deals seem pretty bad for the team giving up the pick.