I’m Sorry

On behalf of Joe Girardi and Charlie Manuel, who were overcome with temporary insanity, I’d like to publicly apologize to the following players.

Francisco Liriano, +4.2 WAR
Joey Votto, +3.6 WAR
Kevin Youkilis, +3.2 WAR
Jered Weaver, +3.2 WAR
Alex Rios, +3.1 WAR
Josh Willingham, +3.1 WAR
Ryan Zimmerman, +3.0 WAR
Felix Hernandez, +2.9 WAR

By any standard you want to use, these eight have to be on the team. You can’t have a 2010 All-Star game without those guys. What a disaster.

Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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13 years ago

Wait, Rios didn’t make it? what. I thought I saw him. I like Joe Girardi, but this is just silly.

13 years ago
Reply to  Jim

What a disgrace – is it just me or is Charlie Manuel the mother fu*king anti-christ??? He is the epitome of old school baseball thinking where if you saw a guy perform well ONCE, then that must be how he is all the time. Infante got a game winning hit against the Phillies in a game in the 9th inning back in May, so his pea-sized brain figures he’s the greatest player ever…

And then he takes his own freaking guy Howard instead of a guy leading A 1ST PLACE TEAM with his ridiculous numbers and all around great play? (Votto)… And in case Charlie Manuel or other retarded Phillies fans are reading this – THE PHILLIES ARE IN 3RD PLACE! IN THEIR OWN DIVISION!!! Aren’t retarded “old school” thinkers supposed to weigh wins and losses of a specific player’s team more than anything else?

Dave I tend to want to disagree with you as often as I can, but PLEASE make as big a deal about this as you can, cuz I know this BULLSHlT frustrates you as much as it does me!

Joe R
13 years ago
Reply to  DonCoburleone

I hate Charlie Manuel, too. I predict he will either be canned in 2012, or he’ll cut and run when he sees the writing on the wall for the Phillies. Either way, he’s just another bad manager on a good team, while people like Manny Acta get stuck with terrible teams.

13 years ago
Reply to  DonCoburleone

Oh, I hear your frustration Don. Let’s just try to get through this week without going on a killing spree, OK? Those are bad.

13 years ago
Reply to  DonCoburleone

LOL yeah I had just watched Charlie Manuel in an interview drawl on about how Omar Infante fits the “Utility” position to a tee and thats why he picked him. I swear Manuel is the main reason why I give absolutely ZERO credit to Managers in baseball. Sorry Mike Scioscia, sorry Bobby Cox, but a monkey could do your job!

13 years ago
Reply to  DonCoburleone

Pablo Sandoval thinks that you should all have recognized what a dolt Charlie Manuel is by now.