A Few Notes on Eduardo Rodriguez’s Velocity

Eduardo Rodriguez debuted yesterday for the Red Sox. There was instantly something remarkable about him.


My goodness. Did you see it? Probably not. How about now.


Yeah. That’s easy cheese. His fastball sat at exactly 95 mph by PITCHf/x, which puts him high up on this list of gaseous starters.

Name Age FB% FBv
Noah Syndergaard 22 65.20% 96.7
Yordano Ventura 24 60.10% 95.9
Joe Kelly 27 70.10% 95.9
Nathan Eovaldi 25 55.30% 95.8
Matt Harvey 26 58.60% 95.7
Gerrit Cole 24 68.80% 95.6
Danny Salazar 25 62.20% 95.5
Carlos Frias 25 55.40% 95.5
Garrett Richards 27 63.70% 95.4
Andrew Cashner 28 65.90% 95.2
Eduardo Rodriguez 22 68.60% 95.0
Chris Archer 26 54.20% 94.8
Stephen Strasburg 26 63.70% 94.8
Mike Foltynewicz 23 73.00% 94.7
Jacob deGrom 27 63.20% 94.5
Carlos Martinez 23 57.80% 94.4
Aaron Sanchez 22 74.00% 94.4
Wily Peralta 26 63.70% 94.4
Carlos Carrasco 28 55.60% 94.4
Taijuan Walker 22 66.10% 94.4

But he’s a lefty! You might notice that list is full of righties. Lefties average a mph less than righties, on average. Look at the list, except now it’s only lefties.

Name Age FB% FBv
Eduardo Rodriguez 22 68.60% 95.0
James Paxton 26 72.10% 94.0
Chris Sale 26 57.90% 93.9
Robbie Ray 23 83.70% 93.8
David Price 29 65.80% 93.8
Danny Duffy 26 61.50% 93.8
Clayton Kershaw 27 56.90% 93.4
Carlos Rodon 22 68.70% 93.3
Jorge de la Rosa 34 35.80% 93.2
Francisco Liriano 31 46.60% 92.4

Well, fine, he’s got the best lefty velocity among starters in the game. Whatever. But did he keep the velocity up all game?


Not quite, but he did hit 97 with his 91st pitch, so it’s not like he wilted as he went on, either. It’s more than what he had with Baltimore, but as Kiley McDaniel noted in his Top 200 list (where Rodriguez ranked 23rd), he’s been sitting 93-96 since slightly before he was traded to Boston. And both the guns on MLB.tv and the Brooks Baseball PITCHf/x game report match up more with a 95 mph average than the 93.4 currently on Rodriguez’s page (which would still be top-five velocity for a lefty starter).

With a really nice changeup and a decent breaking ball, and no obvious command issues, the speed above makes Eduardo Rodriguez immediately interesting.

This has been a few notes on Eduardo Rodriguez’s velocity.

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8 years ago

Kind of unfair to ask the reader a “Did you see it?” in a gif, where the thing you are referring to is not actually in the gif.

8 years ago
Reply to  George

It’s a joke.