Link: Interactive Live Bracket for NCAA Baseball Tournament

A less interactive bracket for the NCAA baseball tournament. Click to enlarge, nevertheless.

The NCAA baseball tournament lacks both the popular appeal and, owing probably to each sport’s respective pace, the unrelenting delirium of its basketball counterpart. Nevertheless, it does offer the sort of drama innate to elimination play — that, and the opportunity to observe players whose names have been invoked, for example, in Kiley McDaniel’s draft-prospect rankings and also the present author’s own (maybe) predictive statistical reports. Another advantage that it possesses — at the moment, at least — is that it’s being played literally this moment, while the basketball version doesn’t recur until next March.

Follow this link for an interactive bracket of the tournament and also this link for video of actual games by way of Watch ESPN — including the Bases Loaded channel, which provides what may or may not be called “whip-around coverage” of the tournament.

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