A Very Important Angels Poll

Mike Trout was injured on May 28. Through to that point, he’d been worth a league-leading 3.4 WAR, and he was sitting on a career-best 208 wRC+. Partial seasons are never the same as complete seasons, because complete seasons give every player equal opportunity to get hot or get cold, but Trout, at least then, was on course for the best big-league season of his life. The best big-league season of his life! For Mike Trout!

The injury was devastating, for everyone. Everyone, I suppose, but the Angels’ rivals. The Angels suddenly had to deal with the freak long-term absence of the best player in the world. Fans had to deal with the same. Personally, I’ve had fewer things to write about. It’s been about a month and a half of not writing about Mike Trout, and I don’t like that. Nobody likes that. We all need more Trout in our lives.

We’re going to get it again. On Sunday, Trout played his final minor-league rehab game, walking three times while also knocking a triple. Trout says he feels ready, and the medical team is supportive, and so Trout will return to the bigs on the other side of the All-Star break. We made it, everybody. We made it several weeks without Mike Trout, and we’re all right, and even the Angels are all right, too. There’s light at the end of this tunnel, and we are all so nearly there.

As such, to mark the imminent occasion, I want to show you a table and ask you a question. This table includes Angels team stats. Everything’s split into two groups, corresponding to two periods of time. One of the periods of time shows the Angels through May 28. The other shows the Angels since May 29. I want you to examine this table for however long you need, and then respond to the following poll. Thank you!

The 2017 Angels
Stat Time 1 Time 2
Win% 0.491 0.487
Run Diff/G -0.3 -0.2
BA 0.236 0.248
OBP 0.315 0.307
SLG 0.378 0.387
wRC+ 89 89
BB% 9% 7%
K% 20% 20%
Hard% 31% 31%
HR/FB% 12% 12%
SB/G 0.7 1.1

That’s run differential per game, by the way. And, later, stolen bases per game. Feeling good? Here you go. Have a great afternoon and evening.

Jeff made Lookout Landing a thing, but he does not still write there about the Mariners. He does write here, sometimes about the Mariners, but usually not.

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5 years ago

voting time 2 only based on walk rate, the one thing I am least confident a team can fake over even a short period of time.

5 years ago
Reply to  Bip

Agreed. They were remarkably similar, but Trout’s insane 20+% walk rates just could not be made up elsewhere in the lineup. They could get a few wind aided homers and luck into some balls falling in. But there’s no reason that anyone else in that lineup except Trout would be pitched around to that extent and take that many walks.