FanGraphs Is Hiring! Seeking a Junior Front End Developer

Part-time Junior Front End Developer

We are looking for a remote, part-time contract front end developer to help maintain and develop FanGraphs’ website and data tools. We will consider any developer background, but most work will be done in JavaScript and React.

If you have any coding experience, please do not hesitate to apply!

We’re looking for someone with creativity and a user-centric mindset, as well as an appetite for learning and growth.

The position will entail about 10-20 hours of work a week, with some flexibility in terms of schedule.


  • Work with FanGraphs staff and stakeholders to develop and maintain data tools and editorial tools
  • Refactor and improve performance of current tools and features
  • Problem solve issues that arise in the daily operation of FanGraphs
  • Help with data and API architecture


  • Link to any website or application git repository that you have made or worked on

Our stack:

  • React
  • NextJS
  • .NET
  • WordPress
  • MariaDB (MySQL)
  • Google Cloud


  • Understanding of baseball, modern baseball analysis, and fantasy baseball
  • UI/UX design experience or fundamentals
  • Data and database architecture
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Google Sheets

Please send us an email at with your resume and application materials, using the subject line “FanGraphs Developer Application – 2022”. The subject line is important, as it helps us keep all of the applications organized and ensures that yours does not slip through the cracks.

Please submit your application by Friday, May 27.

I build things here.

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