FanGraphs Live: OOTP 22 Perfect Draft (Today 11:30 PT/2:30 ET)

Do you like historical baseball players? Do you like current baseball players? Do you like assembling a mixture of historical and current baseball players into teams, perhaps with some constraints around which ones you can use? You’re in luck, because today at 11:30 AM PT/2:30 PM PT on FanGraphs Live and the FanGraphs homepage, Paul Sporer and I are drafting a squad in Out Of The Park Baseball 22 Perfect Draft, hopefully a treasure trove of Remember Those Guys and former legends.

Will we aim for a team of sluggers and skimp on pitching? Will we focus on up-the-middle defense and try to manufacture runs? How important are backups in a contest between similarly-assembled teams? And what is Perfect Draft, anyway?

Join us as we try to answer those questions in OOTP 22 and chat about the 2021 season while we do it.

Ben is a writer at FanGraphs. He can be found on Twitter @_Ben_Clemens.

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