GIF: Actual Prospect Illinois Left-Hander Tyler Jay’s Changeup

On both Friday and Saturday, the author published GIFs here documenting footage from collegiate games less notable for the events captured within those GIFs and more notable for the fact that there were baseball events to be captured at all.

What separates the footage below from that recently featured here is that it depicts a potential first-round selection. According to Kiley McDaniel, Illinois left-hander Tyler Jay was a relative unknown entering the summer but pitched in relief for Team USA and exhibited a “93-97 mph [fastball] with above-average to plus curveball and changeup.” He was ranked 42nd overall by McDaniel among draft-eligible prospects.

Here’s an example of Jay’s changeup from this afternoon’s contest between Illinois and Lamar, which pitch he has utilized to strike out Lamar left fielder Kevin Santana.

Jay Santana Certainly CH SS K

And here’s a slow-motion version of that same thing:

Jay Santana Certainly CH SS K Slow

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Danny Knobgobbler
9 years ago

Hot_baseball_porn. Not sure my mid-February brain is ready for this.