GIF: Rice’s John Clay Reeves Homering Unmistakably

Rice University and the University of Texas feature two of college baseball’s most talented teams, according to sources familiar with that particular situation. The two are playing each other this afternoon in Houston, Texas — a game to which, not unlike yesterday’s Villanova-NC State contest, the author has directed his attention mostly to verify that not all the world is blanketed in a crust of frozen terror.

Of some note with regard to this game is Longhorns’ starter Kacy Clemens, issue of the former major leaguer Roger. Also of some note is the home run conceded by Clemens to Rice catcher John Clay Reeves, which unmistakable home run the author has rendered into GIF form below.

JC Reeves HR

And into even slower GIF form here:

JC Reeves HR Slow

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