Introducing the RosterResource Regular Season Transaction Tracker!

For the past two offseasons, our Offseason Transaction Tracker has been active, allowing readers to easily keep up with each team’s additions and subtractions leading up to Opening Day, as well as the free agent market and arbitration decisions. We’ve now added a Regular Season Transaction Tracker to help you keep up with all of the roster changes that take place on a daily basis, as well as expected future moves.

The link to the tracker can be found in the RosterResource drop-down menu under “In-Season Tools” and in the group of tabs at the top of any RosterResource page.

If you only want to see transactions for a specific team, you can click on the team’s abbreviation to quickly filter out the other 29 teams. If you only want to see one specific type of transaction, you can toggle between Injuries, Trade, Free Agent, Extension, Waiver Claim, Designated For Assignment (DFA), Promotion, Demotion, and Other.

For the DFA list, those that have not been resolved are listed as “Designated for assignment (pending).”

Our primary goal was to create a simple and user-friendly tracker, but we do have plans to add more features in the near future, including a “Fantasy Impact” rating column that will allow readers to easily filter on the most important roster moves, and a “Top Prospect” filter that will allow readers to identify which promotions involve one of the top prospects in an organization.

Please feel free to submit suggestions of your own in the comment section.

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We miss Ross Ohlendorf
1 year ago

What is the source data for this?

My current way of learning about transactions is refreshing my team’s beat writer’s Twitter feed and the MLB transaction page when I’m anticipating a move but if this gets the info even faster that’d be excellent!