Job Posting: Cincinnati Reds DevOps Developer

Position: DevOps Developer

Department: Information Technology
Reports To: VP of Technology

Job Purpose: Work with Baseball Analytics and development groups to improve the efficiency and increase the reliability of the Reds’ products and tools, and support optimal development processes within the group. The team envisions the person in this position to reduce the amount of time spent on code and infrastructure maintenance maintaining stable production environments, allowing Reds technical teams to serve information more easily to stakeholders.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain internal software packages (Python, R), models and data science script build and release processes including continuous integration of software modules.
  • Develop and maintain production data analysis jobs in partnership with data scientists and baseball analysts.
  • Support tools utilized by analytics teams in the deployment and maintenance of services provided to external consumers of analytical information.
  • Develop, document and communicate processes to technical teams.
  • In collaboration with IT and Systems, design and maintain server environments and related administration for analytics teams use.
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of automated tests and monitoring services to ensure continued reliability of the Reds’ analytical products.
  • Improve the overall efficiency of the R&D group and reliability of production models and code.
  • Promote engineering best practices and standards.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Kubernetes, Rancher and RKE.
  • Python, R, or similar programming languages, including for web development (Shiny, Angular ) and/or data analysis (Pandas).
  • Linux/Unix and Microsoft OS, Azure.
  • Kubernetes and related technologies for virtualization.
  • R Pro (the statistical computing environment).
  • Experience guiding teams and migrating software to use Spark SQL, HPC, or other high volume data technologies.
  • Azure DevOps, Nexus Repository System, and Gnu Make for setting up CI/CD pipelines.
  • Azure cloud computing services or similar environments.
  • Web services, micro services, REST APIs, and related software architecture concepts.

Work Environment:

  • Remote working accommodations are available.
  • Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment.
  • Hours will often include nights, weekends and holidays.

To Apply:
Please follow this link to apply.

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