Job Posting: Lotte Giants (KBO) Data Analyst

Position: Data Analyst

Location: Busan, South Korea

The Lotte Giants, an inaugural member of the KBO League, are looking for a Data Analyst to work out of the front office at Sajik Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The KBO League (KBO) was founded in 1982 and is the top level of professional baseball in South Korea. Consisting of ten teams, the league is split into two divisions and each team plays a total of 144 games. The Lotte Giants are located in Busan, the country’s second-biggest city, on the southeastern coast of the Korean peninsula.

The Research & Development team is involved in every aspect of the organization, including but not limited to Major League Operations, Player Personnel, Scouting, Advance Scouting, Player Development, and Sports Science. The department is responsible for the oversight and implementation of all data and technology-related processes within the organization.

The current department is the first of its kind in the KBO and is less than two years old. The incoming Data Analyst will have an opportunity to have an enormous impact on the day-to-day operations of the organization while also continuing to assist in the scaling of the R&D department.

The ideal candidate primarily uses either R or Python, and SQL, and has some background and knowledge about baseball-specific sabermetrics processes. The department will place a strong priority on candidates with experience creating models and translating raw data into practical, usable information. Some understanding of biomechanics and sports science would be a plus, as would prior experience with roster construction and advance scouting. Critical thinking skills will be highly valued for this position, as the Data Analyst will serve as an important member of a decision-making group.

There are no specific educational background requirements for this position, though experience in data science, computer science, and/or a related computational field will be considered – whether academic or professional.

To Apply:
If interested in this position, please email your resume and any pertinent work samples to

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