Job Posting: Pittsburgh Pirates Research and Development Fellow/Intern, Baseball Informatics

Job Title: Research and Development Fellow/Intern, Baseball Informatics

Reporting To: Leadership in R&D

We are seeking individuals who are excited about the opportunity to be part of a collaborative and passionate environment, and to use their quantitative skills to work on projects that make an impact on field and in the front office.

In this role, you will utilize your problem solving and analytical skills to design, code, and implement focused solutions that enable Baseball Operations personnel to make great decisions in the acquisition, development, and deployment of players.

Role Responsibilities

  • Assist in the design, development, testing, and implementation of models and metrics.
  • Conduct statistical research and integrate the results into various channels, including projections, valuations, analyses, and other objective assessments.
  • Communicate the results of your work to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Collaborate with departments across baseball operations, including R&D, Coaching and Player Development, Major League Strategy, Amateur Scouting, International Amateur Scouting, and Pro Valuation.


  • Degree or demonstrated experience in quantitative field such as mathematics, computer science, operations research, economics, statistics, or data science
  • Passion for baseball analysis
  • Proficiency in at least one statistical programming language (e.g. R, Python)

Preferred Experience

  • College senior or greater
  • SQL
  • Bayesian / Hierarchical modeling
  • Spatiotemporal modeling
  • Optimizations and/or simulations
  • Computer vision (e.g. Open CV)
  • Deep learning (e.g. TensorFlow)
  • Biomechanics / Kinematics / Physics

The specific role and projects you focus on will be tailored to your skills, strengths, and interests.

To Apply
To apply follow this link to get started.

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