Introducing the RosterResource Lineup Tracker!

The Lineup Tracker is the latest addition to our RosterResource collection at FanGraphs. This newest feature is an extension of our “Projected Go-To Lineups vs RHP” on the RosterResource depth charts, allowing readers to pick up on trends by providing a regularly updated look at where every player has batted in the order and lined up defensively throughout the season. The link to this feature can be found in the RosterResource drop-down menu under “In-Season Tools”.

I’ll be explaining the Lineup Tracker in detail on today’s episode of The RosterResource Show, which will air live at 4:30 PM PT/7:30 PM ET on Twitch and the FanGraphs homepage. It will be the first topic covered.

As has been the case with the last few RosterResource additions, including the Closer Depth Chart, Transaction Tracker, and Injury Report, we have several ideas that would improve this feature once we circle back around for upgrades. We have only one remaining feature to build — the Schedule Grid/Probable Starting Pitchers —┬áthat had been part of the RosterResource website prior to joining FanGraphs.

Among the ideas we have for improvements are breakdowns per lineup spot and defensive position, links to box scores, specific date ranges, and a hover option that will show a stat line from any particular game. Continue reading for an explanation of what is currently included.

What information is included?

Every position player who has been on a roster, regardless of status (injured, released, designated for assignment, on a different team), is listed under that particular team. Here is the information included and how they’re sorted:

  • Sorted from Top to Bottom: 1. Projected Go-To Lineup vs RHP (defined as the expected lineup if the playoffs started today and the opposing pitcher was right-handed) 2. Bench 3. Paternity/Bereavement/Restricted/Family Emergency 4. Injured List 5. Minors 6. New Team 7. DFA/Released/Retired.
  • Name: A light blue background is for players on the Active Roster; a white background/red font is for players on the Injured List; a white background/black font is for everyone else not on the Active Roster.
  • Role: 1-9 refers to batting order; everything else refers to current roster status.
  • Power Rankings (Overall/Last 7 Days): Refers to a player’s overall and “last 7 days” RosterResource Power Ranking, which is based on offensive production using several weighted categories. A red background is shown for a ranking in the Top 30.
  • Date/vsR or vsL: A blue background means that the starting pitcher on that day was right-handed. A red background means that the starting pitcher on that day was left-handed.
  • Lineup spot and defensive position are listed as “position (lineup spot).” Therefore, “CF (1)” means that the player was in the starting lineup as the center fielder and leadoff batter.
  • Additional abbreviations:
    • INJ: Injured/Active Roster
    • ILL: Illness/Active Roster
    • IL: Injured List
    • PL: Paternity List
    • RL: Restricted List
    • BL: Bereavement List
    • FME: Family Medical Emergency List
    • SUSP: Suspended
    • DFA: Designated for assignment
    • AAA: Triple-A

How often is the Lineup Tracker updated?

“Projected Go-To Lineups” and any roster moves are updated simultaneously with the RosterResource depth charts. Each day’s lineup will usually show up within 10-15 minutes of being announced.

Feedback and Suggestions

Anything else we add or change aside from my aforementioned list of ideas will be a result of reader feedback and suggestions. Please use the comment section below to let us know what you like or dislike about the Lineup Tracker, and what other information you’d like to see.

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This is SO incredibly helpful! Please don’t tell anyone else in my fantasy league about it.