JABO: On Mookie and McCutchen

“I call him ‘Little Cutch,’” Victorino said, referring to Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen, the reigning NL MVP. “Watch him out there. His movements, everything, he’s like a little McCutchen.”

Shane Victorino on Mookie Betts, spoken in an interview last July.

Mookie-mania has taken over the Grapefruit League, as the Red Sox new centerfielder is #2 among all hitters this spring in batting average (.467), on-base percentage (.500), and slugging percentage (.867), causing others to see Victorino’s comparison as a lot less crazy than it sounded last summer.

On Monday, Ken Rosenthal asked a number of evaluators and many of Betts’ teammates about the comparison, and no one really pushed back too hard; David Ortiz even pushed the comparison further.

“I’d even go further,” Ortiz said. “He’s better than McCutchen at that time in McCutchen’s career. Go and double-check that.”

Ortiz isn’t wrong.

Read the rest on Just a Bit Outside.

Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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7 years ago

oh God, Boston’s overrated prospect syndrome has reached the players. Lived the Piece though Dave, very well written and I couldn’t agree more.

Mike owing
7 years ago
Reply to  buctober

It’s like when the running joke about how bad jeter’s defense was…. yet he still kept getting gold gloves.

7 years ago
Reply to  Mike owing

Just because Jeter got those gold gloves doesn’t mean he wasn’t over-rated there. He was terrible there. You trust those gold gloves? Tell me more about the one Palmeiro won when he was primarily a DH.