Jason Collette – Baseball Chat

Jason Collette: Greetings and salutations. My latest MRI is clean and I have no soreness in my fingers, so let’s get rolling

Comment From kevinthecomic
Where were you last week? You ruined my whole friday.

   Jason Collette: At a funeral. One of those family friends you call “Uncle ____” passed away. Was a huge baseball fan – we went to many Jax Suns games together when I lived up there. Diabetes sucks


Comment From Guns of Buxton
Asked a few weeks ago if Segura’s second half was a product of fatigue or the league building a book on him and you said to ask at a later time. Any new input here

   Jason Collette: Yes, Zimmerman wrote about that here – http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/relevance-of-first-and-second-half-stats/


Comment From john
Pablo lost 40 lbs. This year like 2011?

   Jason Collette: Amazing what guys do in the face of their final year before free agency. His second half stats didn’t hint at any wearing down for him. Good for Pablo for dropping the weight, but we’ll always have this http://gifrific.com/pablo-sandoval-of-the-san-francisco-giants-takes-a-spill/


Comment From Tru Bull 69
does Buxton have any shot at making the team by ~May?

   Jason Collette: I’d say a near zero shot. I helped the ESPN crew the top 50 fantasy prospects for the 2014 season and he wasn’t even on that list.


Comment From Guns of Buxton
Are you in the Best Shape of your Life?

   Jason Collette: Not even close. Pneumonia beat me up in late Jan/early February


Comment From Guest
More saves…soria or feliz?

   Jason Collette: Saw a report from Jason Parks on Twitter yesterday that Soria was only 90-92 with the fastball and hit 93 once. He was very complimentary of the slider though, so all is not bad. Feliz was reportedly hitting 95 in winter league, so 90-92 is a bit concerning. I still think he gets more saves by year’s end.


Comment From Rated Rookie
I want to ask a question, but honestly, until the ST rosters are whittled down or real games begin, what else is there to know right now?

   Jason Collette: Health. Just look at the daily news and make sure your guy isn’t hurt. Hamels, Iwakuma, now Fister; it’s been a bad spring for good pitchers


Comment From j6takish
Shouldn’t professional athletes always strive to be in the best shape of their lives/

   Jason Collette: One would hope so. That’s what is so infuriating about Jesus Montero. Thousands of kids would kill for the opportunity, and then you see a dude put on 40 lbs in an offseason.


Comment From Arnie
Who do you like better. Odor, Clint Frazier or Betts?

   Jason Collette: That order, eventually. Betts had MANY industry fans in the AFL talking about him.


Comment From dcapofari
I love the Pod, but it needs more cowbell IMO

   Jason Collette: It needs less dog barking. I swear that neighbor dog waits until he hears me talking to start barking each time. Thanks for listening!


Comment From Guest
Keeper league- Matt Carpenter or Gyorko, assuming same cost?

   Jason Collette: Carpenter – multipositional eligibility and less risk.


Comment From Guns of Buxton
How many spots/dollars does V-Mart move up if he has a realistic shot of catcher eligibility before the end of May?

   Jason Collette: 1 round, $2-3? I took him in an 18 team OBP league at U and then took 2 awful catchers , but espn leagues require 10 games for a new position.


Comment From Percy
Nick Franklin to __________________ for _______________?

   Jason Collette: Tacoma , playing time


Comment From kevinthecomic
Condolences. And now I feel like a douche. Obviuosly my friday wasn’t nearly as bad as yours. In an attempt to redeem myself, can you explain the application of (i) the replay rule and (ii) the collision avoidance rule vis-a-vis Mike Trout’s failed inside the park home yesterday?

   Jason Collette: Loved the play & thought Trout was safe at first glance. The bigger news was Puig hit a cutoff man and nobody talked about it. I loved the effort.


Comment From dcapofari
why don’t I see Hosmer as a top 10 1b like everyone else?

   Jason Collette: By ADP, he’s 9th, but Gonzalez, Mauer, and Abreu behind him could surpass him. You’re not off your rocker.


Comment From baltic fox
Garrett Richards: worth a 3-4 bucks as a flier in AL only formats? Filthy stuff, strong GB pitcher, good park. Maybe this year he makes a leap?

   Jason Collette: I don’t see much upside there. Stuff has been rather static last two seasons and K% still below league average. Walk rate improved, so that’s a plus


Comment From Michael
Who will put up the best offensive numbers this year: Castellanos, Rendon, or Eaton?

   Jason Collette: I am very high on Rendon this year. The position is a bonus, and if he gets some time at 3B, even better


Comment From Roy Munson
My league is LABR settings, draft AL only then only NL only, combine the points of the two determine winner. I can get Sano 7$ and Seth Smith 1$ for Yelich 7$ and Beachy 8$. 7 farm slots for guys like Sano.

   Jason Collette: Sano is zero production this season, so do what you can with him and worry about this season. Flags fly forever


Comment From D. Russ
We all know that Brandon Guyer is leading candidate for ROY, give me some other names

   Jason Collette: The award is Tanaka’s to lose. Darkhorse — Marcus Stroman, who is now contending for the 5th spot in the rotation per Anthopoulus


Comment From Bill
Better value in AL-only, Uehara at $9 or Sonny Gray at $13?

   Jason Collette: Uehara, but as I have continually cautioned this offseason, he has never worked back to back 50+ IP seasons here in the states. The skills have been steady for him, but his IP totals have not been.


Comment From Guest
Any chance Moustakis get’s his act together? Great Spring (so far).

   Jason Collette: Cactus League parks can make a lot of guys look great. At least they have Valencia to help with tough lefties


Comment From J
My draft is this weekend. Any suggestions how to approach an early draft vs a late one?

   Jason Collette: You have to discount guys that are still in battles for their jobs. Focus on guys that are locks for starting jobs and avoid all 5th starters


Comment From That one guy
Castellanos gets no consideration as a real contender for AL ROY from your point of view?

   Jason Collette: He should, but Tanaka is going to have to be a bust not to win the award. He’ll have plenty of strikeouts and should have double-digit wins and a good ERA. Those are shiny enough to get the job done. Castellanos will either have to hit 20+ homers or replicate Machado’s defensive work.


Comment From Kris
Big Papi or Jose Abreu? Or are they pretty much interchangeable

   Jason Collette: Their upsides are interchangeable, but their downsides are not.


Comment From Ron W.
Rangers got the best rotation in the game right?

   Jason Collette: Stop bunting so much, Ron


Comment From Kenny
Are there any players who are mediocre to below average that you root for anyway? for whatever reason….

   Jason Collette: Scott Baker, Kevin Slowey, Randy Choate, and Wilson Betemit for a variety of strange reasons.


Comment From Dickie
favorite steven seagal film?

   Jason Collette: It is impossible to choose just one. Impossible!


Comment From Jeff
What is the most you’d pay for J. Abreu in an AL-only league?

   Jason Collette: $15


Comment From Spotlight
Say something about baseball to wow and/or amaze us. Go on. Do it.

   Jason Collette: I believe in the DH and I love domed stadiums. They should be required in all 30 cities.


Comment From JonShideler
Which is more likely. ROY of Bogaerts or 30/30 year for Ellsbury?

   Jason Collette: Bogaerts ROY. The short porch is only going to help Ellsbury so much. If he wants to hit 30, he’s going to have to go away from going to the other field and that was a huge weapon for him last season. He was excellent and hitting pitches on the outer third to the short outfield and turning them into straight doubles or just stealing 2nd on the next pitch.


Comment From E
Keeper Question,, 5×5,, cingriani,cashner or brett lawrie… pick 1

   Jason Collette: Cashner


Comment From Ill Out Samardzija
Prospect keeper question with keepers moving up 3 rounds each year: Gregory Polanco as an 11 or Carlos Correa as a 21. Basically, I would be able to keep CC 3 years longer. But I feel Polanco will have a better short-mid term value. Thoughts?

   Jason Collette: Your feelings to not betray you. Correa is going to be a beast, but you’ll have to wait longer for the ROI. Polanco could be helping you in 3 months.


Comment From Shawon “Thunderpup” Dunston
I am better than Starlin Castro! and don’t I have a better nickname?

   Jason Collette: Arismendy Alcantara has a much better real name than your nickname


Comment From Tony Danza
Any idea what we could expect from Kemp this year? Reports say he has ran this week and hasn’t broken anything so far…

   Jason Collette: I will take the under on 500 plate appearances. Listening to Stephania Bell the other day talk about Kemp concerned me


Comment From Gimpy
I just made this sidebet and I am nervous. Who would you bet has a higher career WAR. Salazar or Wheeler ?

   Jason Collette: Wheeler. Fan of both kids. I can’t wait to see the Generation K 2.0 in 2015


Comment From Kenny
Crazy to think Zunino could push for top-10 Catcher status this year?

   Jason Collette: Insanely crazy. Zunino can’t hit non-fastballs. He has terrible numbers against breaking stuff and those kinds of issues just don’t go away overnight.


Comment From Guest
With the new anti-collision rules, super-fat catchers are the new inefficiency. Montero’s on top of his game.

   Jason Collette: Jose Molina MVP?


Comment From E
How will the Cardinals Of/1b scenario play out??

   Jason Collette: Holliday/Bourjos/Craig in OF with Adams at 1B vs RHP, Craig moves in to 1B with the tougher lefties & we see Taveras in July is my guess


Comment From Terrance
Scott Baker may be a nice find for the Mariners, especially given their recent SP injury bug…. any other “Bakery” SPs out there?

   Jason Collette: With Baker, we need to see the velo. He was topping out at 86 last year; that may work in September vs callups but not over the course of a full season. I like Capuano as a Bakery type guy


Comment From Roy Munson
My Seth Smith man crush runs deep…Really high-level video bomb from Grandal in this Seth Smith interview. Bravo. http://instagram.com/p/lP6tI0FMky/

   Jason Collette: He’s the older version of Matt Joyce – just leave him in there vs RH and let him roar while tying him to a chair in the locker room when a lefty is on the mound.


Comment From StevePete
Just got offered Lindor for my Franco straight up… should I accept??

   Jason Collette: No. Franco has the higher fantasy value


Comment From JRoss
In my keeper league, do I take Cobb or Castro for my final keeper?

   Jason Collette: You take Cobb. He’s a beast


Comment From Paulie
Allen and Brothers are good closer-in-waiting candidates….any others you’d recommend (other than Fahrquar)?

   Jason Collette: Pedro Strop, Tyler Clippard, Dane De La Rosa (but check on the forearm issue from yesterday)


Comment From Beef
Thoughts on Pineda this year?

   Jason Collette: I want to see a non-Yankee radar gun report on him before I form an opinion on him. He’s reserve round material until then


Comment From Pirates Hurdles
Domed stadiums, are you high?

   Jason Collette: I grew up in the Astrodome and now go to games in Tropicana Field. Rainouts are stupid – cost me a game yesterday with the Astros and Mets in Kissimmee


Comment From Tom
How much playing time can we expect for Corey Dickerson?

   Jason Collette: He should see a lot of it in center. He and Stubbs make for a clean platoon out there.


Comment From Gila Monster
I’m trying to create auction values for my 12 mixed league. How many players do I need to projection/value overall? 275?

   Jason Collette: at least 276


Comment From John
Hey Jason, any nomination strategies for a guy who fully recognizes that he’s way too high on Danny Salazar and will probably overpay in his upcoming keeper auction?

   Jason Collette: Throw him out first and get it out of the way. He went for $19 in AL LABR


Comment From JustAGuy
NL only points league, Josh Johnson or Wandy Rodriguez for my last keeper slot?

   Jason Collette: I am a Josh Johnson apologist. He got brutalized last year pitching out of the stretch & I’ll take him in NL leagues again just on that regression alone.


Comment From Steve
When do you expect to see Archie Bradley and do you think he will have a fantasy impact this year?

   Jason Collette: Second half, and a slight impact. The curveball is ridiculous, but fastball command is the final step.


Comment From Conrad
any chance regular season rosters get expanded to say 26? should they? (aside: why was “25” the magic number to begin with & didn’t it make more sense with SPs had 20 complete games a season?)

   Jason Collette: I would love to see this, especially if we continue down the road of DH & no DH. 30 extra jobs in the league & it would allow for more pinch hitting/pinch running.


Comment From Brad
With Hamels injury, would you keep Shields over him?

   Jason Collette: I see them as equals without the injury, so yes.


Comment From Zach
If the Trop is your evidence in a pro-dome argument, you lose.

   Jason Collette: Very underrated park. Even the Yankee writers love the place. 72 degrees for every game & nice upper deck views in certain sections. It grows on you


Comment From Patrick
Do you think Tim Lincecum and Brandon Belt’s second halfs were for real?

   Jason Collette: Lincecum’s 2013 K% was within 0.1% of his 2012 numbers. He can still get K’s even if his fastball isn’t what it once was. If you draft him for that, you’re fine. I have Belt in 4 leagues already this offseason, so that speaks to my confidence level in him.


Comment From Tom
What are your feelings about Michael Choice?

   Jason Collette: I liked the acquisition a lot. Jamey Newberg had some nice notes on Choice in his report today talking about the playing time he is getting thus far and how he’s spending a lot of it in center field. That’s a guy that could end up with 12-15 homers in spot duty.


Comment From Zach
How about Gausman over Hamels?

   Jason Collette: What’s Gausman’s role? Orioles aren’t even clear on how he will be used this season. If I were in charge, he’s in my rotation right now.


Comment From Vic
Who do you like as cheap pitchers to fill out an AL-only staff?

   Jason Collette: Brad Peacock, Marcus Stroman, Danny Duffy, Erasmo Ramirez


Comment From Chris206
Are retractable roofs a reasonably alternative to domes? Love me some Safeco Field.

   Jason Collette: Yes….Minute Maid Park may be my favorite stadium. Been there each of the past three seasons for different events.


Comment From Zach
Camden Yards > every other stadium in MLB

   Jason Collette: Last time I went to a game there, it was 101 at first pitch and that sucked. I miss Memorial Stadium – first place I ever got drunk and bought beer. I was 15 years old.


Comment From Ryan
Please help Jason!! In an AL only league (with the Nationals added) who would you protect with a $10 limit? Hosmer-1.5, Brad Miller-1, Villar-1, Ramos-1, Sonny Gray-1, Iwakuma-1, Cobb-1, thank you thank you!

   Jason Collette: Hosmer


Comment From Vin
Why is Charlie Morton being drafted so late? Underlying stats look good, plays in one of the best pitchers parks in the country, and he passes the eye test.

   Jason Collette: Lack of strikeouts. I love watching the guy pitch though


Comment From Tom
Any hope for Trevor Bauer?

   Jason Collette: Yes. He has dotted 98 in Arizona already and I still believe things will come together for him.


Comment From Zachary
What do you think could be the next “pitch framing” in terms of relatively unexplored performance research?

   Jason Collette: The stuff they showed at Sloan is going to help. Being able to quantify arm strength & accuracy so you know which fielders to exploit


Comment From Wily Mo Money Mo Problems
In a dynasty league, keep 2 of Matt Adams, Everth Cabrera, Danny Salazar, Zach Wheeler. All are $1.

   Jason Collette: Cabrera & Wheeler.


Comment From Maximus
I have a cheap keeper in Carlos Gomez but I was hoping to target Ryan Braun in our auction. Is it a big issue that they play for the same team in real life?

   Jason Collette: I’m never concerned about this when assembling a team.


Comment From toot toot
you know in your heart that a 26 man roster would just mean be used on an extra LOOGY

   Jason Collette: I’d like to see it used for more ROOGy’s. Bring me more Cody Eppley’s and Pat Neshek’s.


Comment From Perry
Who were your favorite pitchers growing up?

   Jason Collette: Nolan Ryan (son’s middle name is Ryan), Frank Viola, Tom Henke, Dave Stieb


Comment From Steve
Taking Billy Hamilton and his projected 500 steals ???? out of the picture…who would be a few late round steal guys to target?

   Jason Collette: Bonifacio, Campana, Billy Burns


Comment From pr
who would you prefer in deep league: Quentin or Ozuna?

   Jason Collette: Ozuna more likely to give you 500 PA this year and beyond. Quentin is an injury waiting to happen who belongs in the AL.


Comment From Ryan
only Hosmer for $1.5?! I am fairly sure Cobb, and Iwakuma will go for over $1 in the auction. You implying the other guys will not produce $1’s worth of value? Sorry to be a pain.

   Jason Collette: Read your question as “keep 1 of” – resubmit


Comment From Ryan
how many steals for Rajai Davis this year with Dirks out of the picture for awhile?

   Jason Collette: Davis can steal 30 annually. Increased PT for him won’t be a great thing for his average because he’s not good vs RH. Eno & I discussed this on yesterday’s podcast. Davis is habitually underdrafted, but this year is going to be overdrafted because of the Dirks news.


Comment From Vin
More likely to bat under .230 this year… Gomez or Adam Jones

   Jason Collette: Neither will hit below .260


Comment From dcapofari
can Martin and the pirates make E. Volsquez look good this year?

   Jason Collette: Martin & Stewart can only frame the pitches he throws near the black. Volquez needs to command his pitches better.


Comment From Joe
If only there were stadiums where games were never rained out and it was always sunny and 70-80 degrees. LA Smug. Hater shield engaged.

   Jason Collette: ah, to be able to breathe in that smog 81 times a year. I’ll settle for stale recycled A/C


Comment From You Just Had a Salad
NL ROY darkhorse?

   Jason Collette: Alcantara


Comment From Detlef Shrempf
What will the Rays rotation look like by September?

   Jason Collette: Price/Cobb/Moore/Archer/Hellickson


Comment From Ryan
Resubmitted question: my bad, I should have worded it better: Technically, I could keep all 6 of these guys for 7.5 total (you can only spend 10 on keepers) Which ones Jason? Please help Jason!! In an AL only league (with the Nationals added) who would you protect with a $10 limit? Hosmer-1.5, Brad Miller-1, Villar-1, Ramos-1, Sonny Gray-1, Iwakuma-1, Cobb-1, thank you thank you!

   Jason Collette: Cobb, Gray, Miller, Hosmer, Iwakuma, Ramos


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
uh oh: Fister sore elbow….

   Jason Collette: Yea, that sucks. Team says minor, but the Rays were saying Price’s issue was minor last year too. Fister drops $2 and 1-1.5 rounds in my book


Comment From Guest
As I sit here waiting for this drag of a work week to be over I am quite jealous you get to do this for a living. You sir inspire so much envy in me.

   Jason Collette: I’m making 65% less than what I made as a road warrior but am 165% happier


Comment From john
Brett Anderson, sneaky good pick in NL this year if healthy? Or does pitching in colorado eliminate any NL value bump?

   Jason Collette: I just don’t see that working out well. I talked to someone there who says they’re not as concerned about the breaking ball for their relievers, but you cannot change the laws of physics (the laws of physics)


Comment From B
Suppose a change was made to the QO process such that players signing one-year deals did not cost the signing team a draft pick (but did still net the former team a supplemental pick). Who wins and who loses from such an arrangement?

   Jason Collette: Would eliminate the need for a QO all together. I don’t think the current process is that restrictive if the player & his agent read the market right. Maybe letting the penalty expire after 4/15 instead of after the draft would be an improvement. Cruz/agent botched this one, and Morales/Boras still have some time to be bailed out


Comment From Scott
Can Masterson turn the corner and be a top 20 pitcher this year?

   Jason Collette: I’m not sure he can do any better than what he has already done. He made strides over the past two seasons in reducing his splits and has maximized what he can do from that arm angle. Just keep slinging it and creating divots on the infield with those grounders.


Comment From Wily Mo Money Mo Problems
Would you keep Matt Harvey at $11 a year through 2016 or $16 a year through 2017? I imagine he’ll be top 25 pitcher in 2015…

   Jason Collette: I disagree. Command takes longest to come back after the surgery. If I had him now, I’d trade him and let someone else worry about him.


Comment From JohnnyJames
Do you think Carlos Martinez will crack the rotation this year? If he does, how good is he? in terms of fantasy?

   Jason Collette: No. Leave him in pen to work on his issues vs LH batters. He needs another pitch for them.


Comment From Vin
Who is the player currently ranked outside the top 50 who will finish in the top 20? (if any)

   Jason Collette: based off this list – http://stats.nesn.com/mlb/adp.asp?pos=all&page=2 — I’d have to say Hamilton and that would require 500 PA and 60 steals


Comment From Third Base Coach
Hey Jason! Only the following 3Bs are available in my AL-only league: Moustakas, Freese, Davidson, K. Johnson, Chisenhall and Plouffe. Can you tell me which two or three I should be targeting? Thanks!

   Jason Collette: Johnson. Will qualify at 3 positions and can hit 20 HR & steal 10 bags this year


Comment From smokin timmy
How does one know what to think about Taijuan. I wanted to keep him, but had to declare already in so couldn’t. Partly I worry because Pineda had shoulder woes too [same system]. But Dave Cameron has been saying “Oh it’s minor…”

   Jason Collette: Keith Law had said earlier that the delivery changes to Walker may have led to the shoulder soreness. He’s not going to be ready to start the season, but I also can’t recommend keeping him with the knowledge at hand right now.


Comment From Roy Munson
Ok I’ve reworked my trade after your response! How about Yelich 7 and Beachy 8 for Sano 7 and Henderson 2. Al only NL only combined scoring so small boost for speed and saves…

   Jason Collette: 2 regulars for a closer…I’ll take it.


Comment From Conrad
How big is the gap between the Rockies and the rest of the NL West?

   Jason Collette: not large. Dodgers clear favorite out there, but rest are closely bunched. I would like to see Gray & Butler up in that rotation ASAP.


Comment From BillyJoe
Marcus Stroman…What is his ETA and how good can he be upon arrival?

   Jason Collette: It could be 4/1, and he can hit the ground running. Throws strikes, commands hit pitches, and that fastball/slider combo will be fun to watch. He turned a lot of heads in the AFL.


Comment From Vin
Why aren’t you a regular on Baseball Tonight yet?

   Jason Collette: I have a face for radio


Comment From Cal Guy
How many dingers for Trumbo this year?

   Jason Collette: 33-35


Comment From Detlef Shrempf
Owings or Gregorious – who is starting down in Zona?

   Jason Collette: I was having this conversation the other day with someone. What is stopping the Mets or Pirates from calling up AZ and making a deal for Gregorius? AZ clearly likes Owings and needs another C behind Montero. Gregorius would enhance that Pitt infield defense and would be a big improvement for the Mets.


Comment From Ill Out Samardzija
Cubs minor league team plays the Cubs ML team 10 times. What is the minor league record?

   Jason Collette: 1-9.


Comment From Guest
Who wins orioles starting 2B job?

   Jason Collette: I like Flaherty initially because he has the experience edge.


Comment From Eminor3rd
In 5×5, do you ever “punt” categories, or go into every draft hoping to be competitive everywhere?

   Jason Collette: I punted saves one season at the draft, and won the league by 0.5 a point by a final run on the final day. Never doing that to myself again. I try to get at least 4 points in every category & will let saves & batting average slide at the draft if the opportunity to profit at other positions is there.


Comment From Guest
Ellsbury or Choo in an OBP league?

   Jason Collette: Choo – he’s a monster


Comment From Vin
My friend and I have a wager that Rizzo will finish ahead of Freeman this year. What are the chances Rizzo actually has a better season?

   Jason Collette: I hope you didn’t bet too much on this.


Comment From Slippery Pope
Zobrist: loveable, consistent, flexible, 5ish categories, but none of them all that strong. Where do you have him draftwise? And how much does he jump in OBP leagues?

   Jason Collette: He’s losing footspeed with the age & playing 268 games a season, 90 of which are on turf. The steals are not coming back, but he’s still a top 100 player.


Comment From Bill
Sneaky power source for cheap in AL only leagues? I say you mentioned Michael Taylor earlier

   Jason Collette: Michael Choice. BTW, just announced Hochevar to have Tommy John surgery. Completely sucks for him as he is heading into his free agent year.


Comment From Perry
Isn’t the Franklin/Miller “battle” largely to increase Franklin’s immediate trade value? (as opposed to preparing him for his future as a Mariner…)

   Jason Collette: Agreed. A week ago, we hear Mets & Rays are in on Franklin. It has been crickets since. Makes me wonder what the asking price was.


Comment From JT

   Jason Collette: Stieb deserves more HOF votes than Morris.


Comment From Guest
Is Dave a harsh editor?

   Jason Collette: I get great feedback from the editorial team here. That’s what makes it fun to work here. Real talk,


Comment From Pete from SD
Do you like Smyly in the rotation this year?

   Jason Collette: I do. That Tiger rotation is going to be fun to watch, top to bottom. I am keeping a $10 Smyly in my AL home league.


Comment From Bill
do you have a bold prediction for someone in the American League this year that you really believe in? Not something bold like saying Adam Jones is going to park 50 homers.

   Jason Collette: One of Gray or Cobb finishes in the top 5 for AL Cy Young


Comment From Tom
Any save chances for Benoit?

   Jason Collette: Absolutely. Street is not durable and if the Padres aren’t contending, Street is prime trade bait.


Comment From Bob
What are your expectations for AJ Burnett? More of the same, or a decline…

   Jason Collette: Encouraged to see that Sandberg believes in shifting, because that infield defense was horrendous last year. As long as Burnett has adjusted his attitude toward the shift (hated it last year), he’ll be OK. I wish he would have signed with Nats or Pirates.


Jason Collette: That’s all I have time for today folks, enjoy the weekend!

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