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For those of you who visited FanGraphs for the first time this off-season, you may not realize that we track every game’s win probability in real time during the season. This year, we’re also going to “tweet” every play and win probability in real time! We have twitter feeds set up for each team, so you can follow your favorite team on your cell phone or through a twitter application of your choice.

We will be tweeting all 162 games for each team, the all-star game, and the playoffs.

There are two types of feeds for each team. The full version, and the lite version. The full version is every single play and the lite version is end of inning plays, significant score changes, and any play that changes the win probability more than 10%. I suspect the full feed will have about 70-100 updates a game, while the lite version will have 20-30 a game.

Consider these feeds in beta! I have tested them a bunch of times this off-season, but there still might be some issues. I’ll definitely take suggestions on these feeds but remember there’s a 140 character limit on tweets.

Example Tweet: 2-9, 0 % to Win, Top 9, 3 Outs, ___, Jay Payton flied out to second .

It gives you the score (with the team your followings score first), the % chance the team your following is going to win the game, the inning, the outs, the base state ( ___ means no one on, _23 would be runners on 2nd and 3rd), and the last play(s).

You can sign up for as many feeds as you like, but be warned, you will receive two tweets per game update if two teams are playing each other and you are subscribed to both feeds.

The Feeds: The full feed is followed by an _fg, so the yankees full feed would be “yankees_fg”. The quick feeds are followed by a _qf so it would be “yankees_qf”

Team:           Full Feed           Quick Feed
Angels:         angels_fg           angels_qf
Astros:         astros_fg           astros_qf
Athletics:      athletics_fg        athletics_qf
Blue Jays:      bluejays_fg         bluejays_qf
Braves:         braves_fg           braves_qf
Brewers:        brewers_fg          brewers_qf
Cardinals:      cardinals_fg        cardinals_qf
Cubs:           cubs_fg             cubs_qf
Diamondbacks:   diamondbacks_fg     diamondbacks_qf
Dodgers:        dodgers_fg          dodgers_qf
Giants:         giants_fg           giants_qf
Indians:        indians_fg          indians_qf
Mariners:       mariners_fg         mariners_qf
Marlins:        marlins_fg          marlins_qf
Mets:           mets_fg             mets_qf
Nationals:      nationals_fg        nationals_qf
Orioles:        orioles_fg          orioles_qf
Padres:         padres_fg           padres_qf
Phillies:       phillies_fg         phillies_qf
Pirates:        pirates_fg          pirates_qf
Rangers:        rangers_fg          rangers_qf
Rays:           rays_fg             rays_qf
Reds:           reds_fg             reds_qf
Red Sox:        redsox_fg           redsox_qf
Rockies:        rockies_fg          rockies_qf
Royals:         royals_fg           royals_qf
Tigers:         tigers_fg           tigers_qf
Twins:          twins_fg            twins_qf
White Sox:      whitesox_fg         whitesox_qf
Yankees:        yankees_fg          yankees_qf

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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Zach Sanders
14 years ago

Awesome. Signing up now.