Minor Moves: McPherson, Hulett, & Liz

A’s sign 3B Dallas McPherson to a minor league deal

Amidst rumors of a potential Jack Cust departure, it seems only right that Billy Beane goes out and inks the now 29-year-old McPherson. The big lefty has always butchered Triple-A pitching, but has serious issues with strikeouts and health. In fact he missed the entire 2009 season because of his back. If McPherson can stay healthy and allow his power to flourish by making more contact he could be a very nice addition to the A’s. For some reason I feel like that same sentence will have home to McPherson’s next signing too.

Red Sox trade a player to be named later to the Royals for INF Tug Hulett

In a deal reminiscent of the olden A’s/Rays swaps that eventually lead to the Rays refusing to trade with Beane, here we have two front offices on opposite ends of the perceived spectrum making a little swap. Jeff Sullivan polled his readers to see whether the psychology of a player being acquired by the Red Sox from the Royals changed their opinion of the player’s worth and nearly 30% confirmed that it did. Hulett is what he’s always been: a short southpaw-batting utility infielder with on-base skills and questionable defensive abilities. Hulett will likely see the majors next year in a similar capacity to Gil Velasquez last season and the projected role of Nick Green before poor luck launched him into the lineup this season.

Padres claim Radhames Liz off waivers from the Orioles

It wasn’t long ago that Liz was a highly thought of prospect with tantalizing velocity, but the Orioles are no longer pitching-prospect starved and Liz spent most of the year in the minor league bullpens when he pitched. His ERA in the minors were rough, but at the same time, his FIP was solid. In 110 innings with the Orioles since 2007 he had an issue with walks and showed fly ball tendencies. Fringe hard-throwing airball lover, meet Petco; Petco, meet Liz.

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Hey that could be good for Liz if he shows some sort of control.


Liz finding control is not very likely. He’s still a very much a thrower, and has yet to find consistent mechanics. The 97 mph heat out of the zone that gets chased in the minors simply goes by hitters in the majors without interest.

I also don’t think the O’s pitching prospects had that much to do with his exposure. High ceiling arms get protected if no matter what if their likelihood of finding success is still tangible. He’s the new D-Cab.

Petco changing Liz’s previous results? Also not likely.