NERD Game Scores: Climax for a Carlos Frias Story

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Most Highly Rated Game
Los Angeles NL at San Francisco | 22:15 ET
Frias (18.2 IP, 83 xFIP-) vs. Hudson (45.1 IP, 102 xFIP-)
In the foreword to his anthology of fantastic literature Black Water, editor Alberto Manguel suggests that the definitive and also most appealing characteristic of that genre is its capacity for surprise — the capacity for surprise one finds, for example, in I. A. Ireland’s Climax for a Ghost Story, which brief story not only appears in Manguel’s anthology but also right here in its entirety:

“How eerie!” said the girl, advancing cautiously. “–And what a heavy door!” She touched it as she spoke and it suddenly swung to with a click.

“Good Lord!” said the man. “I don’t believe there’s a handle inside. Why, you’ve locked us both in!”

“Not both of us. Only one of us,” said the girl, and before his eyes she passed straight through the door, and vanished.

Ireland’s brief work not only illustrates the best of fantastic literature, but also serves as a means by which to better understand Dodgers right-hander Carlos Frias. Because Frias is the man in the story, is why. But in addition to the man, he’s also the girl. And in addition to those two, he’s also — and this is most unnerving — he’s also the door.

Readers’ Preferred Broadcast: San Francisco Radio or Television.

Two Brief Notes
Imminent Debut Alert: Ceciliani and Garcia
The purpose of this brief note is to report how Atlanta’s Adonis Garcia and the New York Mets’ Darrell Ceciliani — to report how each of them either have been or will soon be promoted to the majors according to Roster Resource. Garcia, 30, is a third baseman who defected from Cuba in 2011. He’s not a top prospect, per se, but does appear to possess at least average contact skills.. Ceciliani, currently within his age-25 season, has recorded over 80% of his minor-league starts in center field — and all of his 2015 starts in center with Triple-A Las Vegas. Of Ceciliani, lead prospect analyst Kiley McDaniel wrote at the end of December that he’s a “grinder with good instincts [who] could be [a] nice reserve outfielder that finds ways to contribute.”

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Away   SP Tm. Gm. Tm. SP   Home Time
Ricky Nolasco MIN 2 3 5 6 7 PIT Francisco Liriano 19:05
Nathan Eovaldi NYA 7 6 7 5 8 WAS Gio Gonzalez 19:05
Taijuan Walker SEA 7 6 5 5 3 BAL Miguel Gonzalez 19:05
Hector Santiago LAA 3 5 4 7 2 TOR Aaron Sanchez 19:07
Jimmy Nelson MIL 7 3 6 5 6 DET Anibal Sanchez 19:08 Hellickson AZ 2 6 3 5 2 MIA Tom Koehler 19:10
Michael Wacha STL 6 5 5 6 4 NYN Jon Niese 19:10
Erasmo Ramirez TB 5 5 5 3 5 ATL Mike Foltynewicz 19:10
Yovani Gallardo TEX 3 4 3 4 2 BOS Wade Miley 19:10
Johnny Cueto CIN 8 5 7 6 8 KC Yordano Ventura 20:10
Trevor Bauer CLE 6 6 5 0 6 CHA Jose Quintana 20:10
Sonny Gray OAK 7 6 6 10 2 HOU Rob.o Hernandez 20:10
Aaron Harang PHI 4 0 3 3 4 COL Chad Bettis* 20:40
Jason Hammel CHN 7 6 7 4 8 SD James Shields 22:10
Carlos Frias LAN 10 8 7 4 5 SF Tim Hudson 22:15

* = Fewer than 10 IP, NERD at discretion of very handsome author.

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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Well-Beered Englishman

Cistulli is the ultimate pitching hipster. He founded the Corey Kluber Society before Corey Kluber was cool, but now that the Society has gone mainstream, Cistulli isn’t interested anymore. Carlos Frias is the new hipster pitcher, but his time will come, and Cistulli will move on to the next.

In a way, it’s a compliment, because, like the most discerning of hipsters, Cistulli’s taste in unknown pitchers is exceptional.

Urban Shocker
Urban Shocker

Discerning Cistulli fans will note that that his crushes extend beyond pitchers and recall the many tributes to Wilmer Flores from a couple of years ago.


So while I enjoyed that tidbit on Frias, I was left confused as to what if anything you were actually saying about the young arm.

Because if he’s the Ghost, that seems like a bad thing right? The door would also seem to represent an obstacle of sorts so I read that as negative. And the man is trapped, so I for one read this to mean Frias is both in trouble, scary, and potentially going to screw you.

But based off the drunken english guy’s comment you were touting Frias. Maybe I’m not hipster enough but this left me completely confused.


PS I miss NotGraphs I hope some day we might see it resurrected. This Frias stuff brought me back.