Nick Swisher The Pitcher

Not having a long reliever sometimes comes back to bite you on the behind. Last night, the Yankees found this out, but were not the only ones red in the face.

The starting first baseman, Nick Swisher, took over pitching duties in the bottom of the 8th and did the unthinkable, he struck a major league hitter out…via swinging strike. The unlucky victim was Gabe Kapler. Needless to say, Kapler probably won’t be living this down anytime soon. Take a look at Swisher’s pitches and their movement:


Sure, he topped out in the low-80’s (80.2 MPH exactly), but he’s got better stuff than some pitchers. Daniel Cabrera, for instance.

Of course I’m joking, but only a by a bit.

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Tony P.
13 years ago

Not only is he slugging 1.150 but if he never throws another pitch in his life he’ll retire with a 1.70 tRA.

Welcome back, Swish.