One Night Only: Previews for Weekend of June 18th

It was big in New Zealand, at least.

This edition of One Night Only contains:

1. Expanded previews for four games: Saturday’s Baltimore at Washington and Toronto at Cincinnati games, and Sunday’s Texas at Atlanta and Detroit at Colorado games.

2. Pitcher and Team NERD scores for every one of this weekend’s games.

3. Precisely 1,000 apologies for not posting a Friday edition of ONO.

Saturday, June 18th
Baltimore (3) at Washington (6) | 13:05 ET
• This game is interesting mostly to see what Jayson Werth, Ryan Zimmerman, and (now!) Michael Morse will do to Brian Matusz.
• If you’ll remember, Lewis Pollis suggested in January at the Community Blog that Mike Morse was the most likely player to have a Jose Bautista-like breakout (if not quite to that level).
• Mike Morse, 2011: 216 PA, .306/.356/.551 (.350 BABIP), .386 wOBA, 143 wRC+.

Toronto (8) at Cincinnati (7) | 19:10 ET
• Here’s a thing: the Blue Jays are fourth in the majors in park-adjusted runs above average, with 31.4.
• Unfortunately, here are the top two teams: New York (66.4) and Boston (63.4).
• Major contributors for Toronto: Jose Bautista (38.0), Adam Lind (17.5), Yunel Escobar (7.9).
• Actually, that’s mostly the whole list.
• Other thing: Brandon Morrow (10) is pitching.

Sunday, June 19th
Texas (8) at Atlanta (7) | 13:35 ET
Alexi Ogando (7) continues pitching decently as a starter.
• Line: 83.0 IP, 6.61 K/9, 2.06 BB/9, 37.1% GB, 3.71 xFIP, 93 xFIP-.
• Unrelated: Colby Lewis’s great defensive play from yesternight’s game (GIF courtesy Jeff Sullivan):

Detroit (3) at Colorado (7) | 15:10 ET
• Somehow, the Tigers are eighth-overall in the Team WAR rankings.
• They have three players with greater than two wins, is one reason.
• Regard: Miguel Cabrera (2.9 WAR), Alex Avila (2.5), Jhonny Peralta (2.4).
• One more thing: Justin Verlander (10) pitches tonight.
• And a second one more thing: Charlie Blackmon Watch: 39 PA, .410/.410/.436 (.444 BABIP), .410 wOBA, 151 wRC+.

Also Playing
These games are very likely playing at some kind of sporty channel near you. (Pitching probables and game times from



pNERD = Pitcher NERD
Game = Time and Average NERD for Game
* = Fewer than 20 IP, NERD of 5 (or 10 for debuts)

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