Pitch Timer and Other Rule Violations Leaderboards Are Now Available!

With the pitch clock and a slew of other rule changes now in effect in the majors, we’ve added a section to the leaderboards dedicated to tracking all manner of rule violations and their run values.

Some important notes:

– The violations include Pitcher Pitch Timer Violations, Catcher Pitch Timer Violations, Disengagement Violations, Defensive Shift Violations, Batter Pitch Timer Violations, and Batter Timeout Violations.

– Violations can be viewed at the individual batter/pitcher level, the team level, and the league level. They can also be sliced by timeframe, though please note that the other leaderboard splits are unavailable.

– There are team sections for both batters and pitchers. Please be aware that if you are looking for a full accounting of an entire team’s violations, you will need to look at both. They are not the same. For instance, you can’t just look at a the team page for pitching alone because the Batter Violations on the pitching page are the violations of the team’s opponents, not the team listed.

– Run Values are calculated as the change in run value from before the violation to after the violation. In the case of an additional ball or strike, these are calculated using average “through-count” run expectancy values. For baserunning, we are using the average value of a stolen base for the season. All run values are context neutral.

– We are currently distributing Defensive Shift Violations and Catcher Pitch Timer Violations to the pitcher, but these violations are clearly labeled if you’re curious what impact they are having on a given pitcher’s (or team’s) totals.

– Disengagement Violations are distributed to individual runners (in the Batting view). This means that if there were multiple runners on a Disengagement Violation, they will each be credited as having benefited with a Disengagement Violation, where a pitcher will only be credited with the single Disengagement Violation. In the case of multiple runners, it will create a discrepancy in the number of Disengagement Violations between the Batting/Pitching views. This is intentional.

Since all of this is pretty new, how we display violations is subject to change. To that end, we are open to suggestions.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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1 year ago

Just a quick thanks and side note: looks like “Batter Timeout Violations” is missing from the glossary header area on the leaderboard page but the column is there.