Posey on the Pine

Buster Posey was promoted to the big leagues on the second day of September. Nearly three full weeks later, Posey has appeared in two games with a total of three plate appearances and one hit. Needless to say, this is insane. The Giants playoff hopes have fallen during the timeframe and CoolStandings now has them at 5%. Having to make up 4.5 games in a span of 13 games is extremely difficult on its own right. Factor in that San Francisco won’t see Colorado head-to-head again this season – barring a playoff at least – and it becomes a situation where a chain of unlikely situations needs to occur.

So why isn’t Posey playing?

When he was promoted I addressed the Giants awful catching tandem and for whatever reason the Giants have stuck with Bengie Molina and Eli Whiteside. Neither represents much of an upgrade over Posey and neither should play as big of roles as Posey next year. This isn’t a service time issue because he’s already up. Maybe the Giants don’t want to hurt his confidence, but what happens next year? Do they send him down again or simply throw him into the fire? Or, heavens forbid, attempt to bring in a veteran and let Posey learn underneath him?

Posey isn’t the difference between making the playoffs this year, not playing these three or four weeks won’t be the difference in the playoffs next year. It’s just an exercise of futility to continue playing two dead weights ahead of the future during extra time.

The Giants did some nice things this year, it’s too bad they don’t recognize the difference between Conor Gillaspie last season and Posey this season.

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14 years ago

Because Bochy is a terrible, terrible manager.