The Streak

Michael Bourn homered last night for the first time since July 11, 2009. Bourn had gone 551 at-bats without knocking one over the fences, which is a mighty long time when you consider everything that has happened in the time since:

Not only has Stephen Strasburg signed since the night of July 11, but he’s also made big league five starts with 48 strikeouts.

Since that night the Yankees have won 99 games (losing 52) which results in a win rate of roughly 66%, or 107 over a regular season. The Orioles, meanwhile, have won only 49 games (losing 102), which results in a win rate of 32.5%, or 53 wins over a full season.

Albert Pujols hit 31 homers and Prince Fielder hit 39.

The Pirates’ starting lineup went from:
C Ryan Doumit
1B Adam LaRoche
2B Freddy Sanchez
3B Andy LaRoche
SS Jack Wilson
LF Garrett Jones
CF Andrew McCutchen
RF Delwyn Young

C Ryan Doumit
1B Garrett Jones
2B Bobby Crosby
3B Pedro Alvarez
SS Ronny Cedeno
LF Jose Tabata
CF Andrew McCutchen
RF Lastings Milledge

Or seven of the nine fielding positions with new starters with three of those starters in the 2009 lineup being traded since.

Cliff Lee switched teams twice while piling up 191 innings, 164 strikeouts, 14 walks, and 12 homers allowed- his strikeout-to-walk ratio is 11.7:1.

The aforementioned notes were just some of the things I thought to look up off the top of my head. Of course the most ridiculous thing about Bourn’s streak is that it comes nowhere near touching Jason Tyner’s infamous drought. Tyner had never hit a home run, even in the little leagues, until late July of 2007, a streak that stretched over 350 major league games and 1,220 at-bats. He would then hit another homer 40 games later. When it rains, it pours.

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11 years ago

So expect another homer from Bourne soon?