We Now Have Editorial Content on the FanGraphs App!

When we released the new FanGraphs app in August, we asked users to tell us which features they wanted to see next. The overwhelming response was to add both articles and leaderboards. We’re still working on how best to integrate the leaderboards, but as of today, we’ve added editorial content to the app. (If you are currently reading this on the app, you might already know all of this!)

If you haven’t already, you can download the app here:

Specifically, we’ve added or updated the following:

  • The ability to view our articles on the app.
  • A home screen layout that closely reflects the FanGraphs web homepage.
  • A blog roll that closely reflects the FanGraphs web blog roll.
  • Customization features for Members.


We are rendering all of our articles within the app instead of an embedded web browser, which provides a seamless experience between the player pages and the articles within the app. Please note that there might be some content, like chats, that doesn’t render well, or that our editors might elect to exclude from the app.

Home Screen

We’ve augmented the home screen to reflect the same featured and trending articles as the web-based home page. We still have the WAR leader boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Blog Roll

The blog roll is our clearing house for articles. It pulls from the same article feed as the blog roll on the website. You are able to scroll backwards infinitely to find older articles. In the future, we’ll include ways to filter by author, category, and date.

Member Features

FanGraphs Members can customize their home screen and choose between the editorial layout or the blog roll. The settings are located in the “More” tab and on the “App Settings” screen. Finally, those who don’t like to see photos with the articles can choose to display the featured image or hide it on the blog roll.

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1 year ago

Thank you. Now I can delete the stupid browser on my phone.