What Does $75 Million Buy In 2011?

By acquiring the $86 million that Vernon Wells has left on his contract while shipping out Juan Rivera ($5.25 million) and Mike Napoli (~$5.8 million or so), the Angels essentially agreed to add $75 million to their books over the next four years. Just for fun, let’s take a look at what they could have bought with $75 million this winter.

Power Hitters.

Adam Dunn ($56 million) and John Buck ($18 million) would have given them a lefty thumper to use as an OF/DH type and allowed them to replace Napoli with another catcher who could hit the ball over the wall. Sure, they would have had to play Bobby Abreu in the field for one more year, but the difference between Dunn’s bat and Wells’ bat would have compensated for the difference, and they wouldn’t have had to start Jeff Mathis at catcher.

Detroit’s off-season

The Tigers acquired Victor Martinez ($50 million), Joaquin Benoit ($16.5 million) and Brad Penny ($3 million) for $5 million less than the Jays just paid to “upgrade” to Vernon Wells.

An entirely new starting rotation

Jorge de la Rosa ($21.5 million), Jake Westbrook ($16.5 million), Carl Pavano ($16.5 million), Hiroki Kuroda ($12 million), and Javier Vazquez ($7 million) signed for a grand total of $73.5 million this winter. This isn’t quite as fair, since it’s almost all 2011 money rather than being spread out over the next four years, but still, the total dollar figure for Vernon Wells is about the same as buying five of the best free agent starting pitchers available this winter.

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Fangraphs Manmember
11 years ago

I find it funny that the Angels could have signed 10 Mannys or 4 Damons for the salary Wells is given next year. Assuming Manny puts up 1.5 WAR, Wells better be worth 15 WAR this year.

11 years ago
Reply to  Fangraphs Man

Oh, I don’t know. Think how much fun they would have playing Chutes and Ladders…

11 years ago
Reply to  Fangraphs Man

and no one has mentioned that Vernon is leaving the hitters friendly rogers centre to a field he has hit terrible on…22 of the 31 HR’s he hit last year came at the Rogers centre

11 years ago
Reply to  Fangraphs Man

And the little .5 Manny would like draw plenty of walks.

11 years ago
Reply to  Fangraphs Man

11.5 Mannys? Isn’t that 11 Mannys and a Ronnie Belliard?