Chin Music, Episode 43: Why Are You Always Screaming?

There’s no lockout on the podcast, which means Chin Music keeps going. This week I’m joined by returning co-host C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic and even without much baseball news, we find plenty to talk about. We begin with a non-update on the lockout and discuss how we’ve each gotten a bit more pessimistic about how this thing ends. Next, since the lockout means no Winter Meetings, we instead dip into our memory banks for a few fun stories from Meetings past, while sharing what we miss (and don’t) about the annual event. Finally, as there was Hall of Fame news this week, Jay Jaffe joins the show to discuss the six newly elected inductees, as well as some new faces on this year’s ballot. Then it’s your emails on minor league team purchases, the potential for an international draft, and domain squatting, followed by a few light-hearted and easy-on-the-brain Moments Of Culture.

As always, we hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening.

Music by Rid Of Me.

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Warning One: While ostensibly a podcast about baseball, these conversations often veer into other subjects.

Warning Two: There is explicit language.

Run Time: 2:29:25

Kevin Goldstein is a National Writer at FanGraphs.

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