Contract Crowdsourcing 2022-23: Ballot 2 of 11

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Free agency begins five days after the end of the World Series. As in other recent seasons, FanGraphs is once again facilitating a contract crowdsourcing project, with the idea being to harness the wisdom of the crowd to better understand and project the 2022-23 free-agent market.

In recent years, we’ve added a few features to these ballots based on reader feedback. You now have the option to indicate that a player will only receive a minor-league contract, or won’t receive one at all. And new this year, if there is a player option, team option, or opt out in a player’s contract, you’ll be able to indicate whether you think he will remain with his current team or become a free agent. Numbers are prorated to full season where noted. The projected WAR figures are from the first cut of the 2023 Steamer600 projections.

Below are ballots for nine of this year’s free agents — in this case, a group of catchers and shortstops.

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1 year ago

d’arnaud was 2×8, mccann 4×10, both 2y ago I think. Contreras probably is seen as the only legitimate FT starter.

Contreras y/n 5×18
Narváez n/n 3×7
Sánchez n/n 2×8
Vazquez 2×5
Zunino n/n 2×6

Elvis 1×8
Iglesias n/n 1×5
Swanson y/n 7×22 (just below semien)
Turner y/n 9×28 (250 is a nice anchor, couple years older than FA seager)

1 year ago
Reply to  MarkZ

Turner is also a lot better (and more durable and athletic) than Seager was. I had 9/$300 mil.

I mostly agree with the rest of yours, more or less, except I can’t see Sanchez getting an extra year and I think Andrus will get a better deal (I put 2 years, but wouldn’t surprise if he gets 3, and 8-figures per year) as the best of the non-premium short stop options.

I also had Swanson at 5 years but now that I think about it I’d guess we split the difference at 6 years.

1 year ago
Reply to  TKDC

Elvis gotta get more than 1×8. I have him for 3, I also have Swanson at 6 years