Day One Draft Recap

Below are brief recaps of each team’s selections on day one of the draft. Remember, there’s more information concerning each of these players on THE BOARD, including video, tool grades, and other ephemera, like top-100 ranking for the elite players. We have some thoughts on each club’s first-day picks, some more than others, as well as our best available players at the end of the post.

We ranked 130 players in order, then ranked them just within their demographic groups for the next tier; those players are denoted as “3-5,” while the only player we didn’t rank at all yesterday, Michael Grove, is an NR (not ranked). You can also look at the FV of each prospect and approximate where he will go on their organization’s prospect list by clicking over to the minor-league side of our rankings here.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
25 63 40 Matt McLain 2B 18.8 5’10 175 Beckman HS Plus hit, run, MIF
39 49 40+ Jake McCarthy CF 20.8 6’2 195 Virginia CF type, hit over power
63 35 45 Alek Thomas CF 18.1 5’11 175 Mt Carmel HS Polished CF. Bat-to-ball.
Two-high school bats with advanced hit tools and a buy-low on McCarthy, who was hurt for much of 2018 and could be considered a comfortable first round talent when healthy. McLain was a potential signability risk (UCLA) and ranked 40 spots beneath where he was selected; we heard he wouldn’t have made it to their next pick.

Atlanta Braves
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
8 10 50 Carter Stewart RHP 18.6 6’6 200 Eau Gallie HS Two future ++ pitches
49 27 45 Greyson Jenista RF 21.5 6’4 240 Wichita St Huge power, sneaky ath
We think Stewart might have been the pick at No. 8 due to his signability compared to other, similar prep arms like Cole Winn, but don’t know for sure. Jenista has power and some reverse projection. He was solid value at NO. 49, also provides some diversity for a club that normally goes prep upside but a loft adjustment could still provide more ceiling to Jenista.

Baltimore Orioles
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
11 36 45 Grayson Rodriguez RHP 18.6 6’5 230 Cntrl Heights HS Velo, spin, #3?
37 61 40 Cadyn Grenier SS 21.6 5’10 185 Oregon State 7 spd, sneaky pop
Two slight reaches, assuming neither cut a deal, but could provide some ammo for later picks if they did. Rodriguez is ranked as a big reach and we had a lot of prep arms ahead of him, but he was in the mix at pick No. 15 and many teams ranked him in the 20s on their board.

Boston Red Sox
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
26 33 45 Triston Casas 1B 18.4 6’4 238 American Heritage Top of scale lefty power
64 51 40+ Nick Decker RF 18.7 6’0 200 Seneca HS Classic power prep RF
Had each of these lefty power bats ranked near where they were picked. Casas is likely a bit above slot, Decker probably close to slot.

Chicago Cubs
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
24 37 45 Nico Hoerner 2B 21.1 5’11 195 Stanford 70 runner w/elite contact
62 81 40 Brennen Davis CF 18.6 6’4 175 Basha HS Upside, 6 raw, 6 run
77 3-5 35+ Cole Roederer CF 18.7 6’0 175 Hart HS Advanced bat, CF fit
78 5-7 35 Paul Richan RHP 21.2 6’3 200 San Diego 90-94, back-end SP
Richan fits with recent Cubs’ drafts modus operandi for mid-round selections as a polished, strike-throwing college starter. Four Corners scouts have told us Davis wants $1.2 to $1.5 million, so he’s probably $250-$500K over slot at No. 62. He could be a monster if he hits, but the bat is raw. We had Roederer evaluated in round Nos. 3 through 5, but his bat is advanced and the Cubs certainly round up harder on guys with good hit tools more than other orgs do, and that probably played a role where Hoerner is concerned, too.

Chicago White Sox
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
4 2 55 Nick Madrigal 2B 21.2 5’7 160 Oregon State Contact, speed MIF fit
46 56 40+ Steele Walker LF 21.8 5’11 190 Oklahoma Advanced feel to hit/lift
Love Madrigal. Walker fits recent White Sox trend of early college hitters with power (Jake Burger, Zack Collins, Gavin Sheets, Evan Skoug, etc.). Continues the trend of less risky early picks with a short time horizon to a potential contending team.

Cincinnati Reds
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
5 9 50 Jonathan India 3B 21.5 6’0 200 Florida #’s, well-rounded
47 83 40 Lyon Richardson RHP 18.4 6’2 185 Jensen Beach HS Ath, advanced
72 3-5 35+ Josiah Gray RHP 20.5 6’1 210 LeMoyne Converted SS, t98
The first two picks have a good chance of moving quicker than typical for their draft demographic. Gray is the developmental project of these three. He’s a converted infielder from a small school in a cold weather area and had been pitching in relief until this year. Gray is inexperienced for a college arm (converted hitter), but the strike-throwing is already largely in place and the arm is very loose.

Cleveland Indians
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
29 26 45 Noah Naylor C/3B 18.3 6’0 205 Joan of Arc HS C w/bat, 3B fit too
35 40 45 Ethan Hankins RHP 18.0 6’6 200 Forsyth Cntrl HS Huge frame, t97, ath
41 39 45 Lenny Torres RHP 17.6 6’2 190 Beacon HS Elite ath/velo/spin
67 85 40 Nick Sandlin RHP 21.4 5’11 170 Southern Miss Submarine, gaudy #’s
They may have had to reach for Sandlin a little bit to make sure they get deals done with the first three picks, but he has the nuttiest statline of all the college pitchers in the draft not named “Mize,” so a good one to grab for that purpose. The trend of young prep players (average age for the class is 18.3) continues for the Tribe.

Colorado Rockies
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
22 30 45 Ryan Rolison LHP 20.9 6’2 195 Ole Miss Lefty up to 96, can spin it
42 54 40+ Grant Lavigne 1B 18.8 6’4 230 Bedford HS Big power, great swing
76 89 40 Mitchell Kilkenny RHP 21.2 6’3 205 Texas A&M Consistent back-end SP
Rolison is a solid value here as a guy the Rockies have known since he was a prep underclassman who looked like a top-10 pick the first month of the spring. Lavigne was an in-demand name the Yankees were trying to get to their second pick.

Detroit Tigers
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
1 1 55 Casey Mize RHP 21.1 6’3 208 Auburn Plus stuff/feel/numbers
44 46 40+ Parker Meadows CF 18.6 6’4 195 Grayson HS 70 run, 60 raw
There were enough high schoolers left at No. 44 that Detroit still had plenty of fine options. We tied them to Meadows after Kiley saw GM Al Avila at one of his playoff games last month.

Houston Astros
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
28 64 40 Seth Beer DH 21.7 6’3 195 Clemson Big power, good #’s
66 3-5 35+ Jayson Schroeder RHP 18.6 6’2 200 Juanita HS Up to 95 w/hard CB
Houston takes pitchers who can spin a breaking ball and hitters who hit the ball hard. These two each do one of those things. Beer has has no position but has performed in the ACC for three years. He’s been nitpicked since his breakout freshman year and the industry may have overcorrected.

Kansas City Royals
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
18 13 45+ Brady Singer RHP 21.8 6’5 180 Florida Moxie, #’s w/solid avg stuff
33 25 45 Jackson Kowar RHP 21.7 6’5 180 Florida Plus velocity and changeup
34 23 45 Daniel Lynch LHP 21.5 6’4 195 Virginia Above avg stuff, trending up
40 45 40+ Kris Bubic LHP 20.8 6’3 220 Stanford Plus changeup, up to 95
58 116 40 Jonathan Bowlan RHP 21.5 6’6 262 Memphis Giant human, sinker up to 96
This one threw us for a loop because we had Kansas City on a bunch of high schoolers, and most teams with this number of picks would feel free to wade into riskier talent pools in this situation. It’s not a sexy class but each was a great-to-solid value where he was selected. We aren’t nuts for Brady Singer (we think he’s a fourth starter) but still think he was solid value at 18 and can’t believe Jackson Kowar and Daniel Lynch lasted into the 40s. If they slice a little bit off the top of one or two of these selections (Bowlan getting slot at 58? That’s $1.1 mil, not sure about that), they might still take a toolsy high schooler or a couple $500K prep arms.

Los Angeles Angels
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
17 19 45 Jordyn Adams CF 18.6 6’2 180 Green Hope HS 1-1 upside w/more reps
57 31 45 Jeremiah Jackson 3B 18.2 6’0 175 St. Luke’s HS Advanced bat, 3B fit
Jackson was great value, and Adams may have the highest upside in the draft. Jackson has some similarities to Jahmai Jones, Adams has some with Jo Adell, and the Angels’ most successful recent picks have been the riskier types (Griffin Canning and Brandon Marsh, as well).

Los Angeles Dodgers
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
30 47 40+ J.T. Ginn RHP 19.0 6’2 200 Brandon HS Likely RP, two 65-70 pitches
68 NR 35 Michael Grove RHP 20.5 6’3 200 W. Virginia Missed yr w/injury, big stuff
Grove wasn’t on our board at all because he didn’t pitch this year after undergoing TJ in June of 2017. When healthy he’s a low-to-mid-90s guy with a violent delivery but big stuff, not unlike Mitchell White. His stuff plays well when Grove works up and down, instead of to the corners. The Dodgers continue their trend of drafting mature, quick-moving power arms.

Miami Marlins
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
13 22 45 Connor Scott CF 18.7 6’4 185 Plant HS 70 runner, smooth swing
53 73 40 Osiris Johnson CF 17.6 6’1 185 Encinal HS Raw bat speed, twitch
69 68 40 Will Banfield C 18.5 6’1 200 Brookwood HS Plus defense, above power
A very toolsy draft for the Marlins. Johnson is enigmatic, having shown bat control and bat speed but neither at the same time. Banfield is swimming upstream against 10 years’ worth of prep-catching failure in the draft’s early rounds and has been a swing tinkerer. We love Connor Scott, but he’s had an up-and-down spring, mostly due to nagging injuries.

Milwaukee Brewers
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
21 18 45 Brice Turang SS 18.5 6’1 170 Santiago HS Top 10 tools if consistent
60 79 40 Joe Gray, Jr. RF 18.2 6’3 195 Hattiesburg HS 55 power/speed
73 3-5 35+ Micah Bello CF 17.9 5’11 165 Hilo HS Good ath w/feel to hit
We’re skeptical of Gray’s bat. His dossier reads a lot like Jake Gatewood’s did a few years ago, possibly with more defensive value. Bello is one of many Hawaiian players drafted by Milwaukee over the last several years. He’s a fairly polished high-school hitter. Turang fits their value-based drafting style to a T.

Minnesota Twins
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
20 12 50 Trevor Larnach RF 21.3 6’4 215 Oregon State 65 raw power, feel to hit
59 77 40 Ryan Jeffers C 21.2 6’4 225 UNC Wilmington 55 power/arm, chance C
Two power bats for Minnesota. We had Larnach evaluated up near India and Swaggerty because he has premium raw power and we think he can get to it in games every more. Jeffers has 55 or 60 raw power, raked this year, and has a chance to catch.

New York Mets
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
6 8 50 Jarred Kelenic CF 18.9 6’1 196 Waukesha HS 55ish everything
48 101 40 Simeon Woods-Richardson RHP 17.7 6’3 210 Kempner HS Young, velo, ath
Woods-Richardson is young for the class and an above-average athlete, but he’s physically maxed out and not as projectable as typical prospects his age because of it. He has present arm strength and feel for his secondaries, though, so you don’t have to project much to like him if you can live with the delivery. Hearing Kelenic, likely the most polished/advanced prep hitter in the class, will be slightly under slot but should get at least $5 million.

New York Yankees
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
23 24 45 Anthony Seigler C 19.0 6’0 190 Cartersville HS Great feel, above avg tools
61 96 40 Josh Breaux C 20.7 6’1 220 McLennan JC Loud power/arm combo
We love Seigler’s polished game, and his tools are mostly above average, too. Breaux has loud tools but significantly less polish. We’ve heard the last month that the Yankees were also on Virginia prep catcher Adam Hackenberg for a seven-figure bonus. Would be interesting to see them spend big on three catchers.

Oakland Athletics
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
9 20 45 Kyler Murray CF 20.9 5’11 190 Oklahoma Explosive athlete
50 60 40 Jameson Hannah CF 20.8 5’11 190 Dallas Baptist CF fit with line drive bat
70 41 45 Jeremy Eierman 3B 21.7 6’1 195 Missouri State IF fit, plus raw power
Murray at No. 9 was the surprise of the night. It sounds like Oakland is going to allow him to play football this fall, then switch full-time to baseball. Oakland did something like this last year, taking upside at the top (Austin Beck), then switching to polished college bats (Greg Deichmann, Kevin Merrell, and Will Toffey).

Philadelphia Phillies
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
3 5 50 Alec Bohm 3B 21.8 6’5 240 Wichita State Plus plus power, good #’s
Philly doesn’t pick again until the fourth round and Bohm is likely a bit (but not much) below slot here. He’s another guy whom we heard months ago was the target for this pick.

Pittsburgh Pirates
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
10 4 50 Travis Swaggerty CF 20.8 5’11 180 South Alabama Plus power/run/arm
36 55 40+ Gunnar Hoglund RHP 18.5 6’5 210 Fivay HS Classic projection
51 117 40 Braxton Ashcraft RHP 18.7 6’5 195 Robinson HS Classic projection
Pittsburgh smartly scooped up a falling Swaggerty, then scooped up two physical prep arms who may be the most projectable pitchers that went yesterday. Hoglund has a little more now stuff, Ashcraft has more projection, but have very solid deliveries and feel.

San Diego Padres
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
7 15 45+ Ryan Weathers LHP 18.6 6’2 210 Loretto HS Everything above avg
38 17 45 Xavier Edwards 2B 18.8 5’9 160 N Broward HS 80 runner, feel to hit
74 65 40 Grant Little 2B 21.2 6’1 175 Texas Tech Great #’s, advanced bat
We tend to think Weathers is under slot, while Edwards and Little are slot or close to it. Weathers’ next home was, optimistically, No. 11 or close to it, so even slot at No. 10 or so saves the Padres $700K and gets them another player at some point this week. They’ve been tied to lots of upside prep bats, with some still on the board like RFs Ryder Green and Lawrence Butler.

San Francisco Giants
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
2 3 50 Joey Bart C 21.5 6’3 225 Georgia Tech Huge power, advanced glove
45 53 40+ Sean Hjelle RHP 21.1 6’11 215 Kentucky Towering #4 SP sinker type
We predicted both of these picks weeks ago, and they both fit the Giants drafting type and their horizon for contention.

Seattle Mariners
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
14 21 45 Logan Gilbert RHP 21.1 6’5 195 Stetson Polished w/55 stuff
54 3-5 35+ Josh Stowers LF 21.3 6’0 205 Louisville Hit-first tweener w/late helium
Stowers went off at the ACC Tournament. Gilbert’s stuff has been back up to normal levels lately, despite heavy in-season use.

St. Louis Cardinals
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
19 7 50 Nolan Gorman 3B 18.1 6’1 210 O’Connor HS 70 power, track record
43 84 40 Griffin Roberts RHP 22.0 6’3 215 Wake Forest Plus plus slider, chance SP
75 3-5 35+ Luken Baker 1B 21.2 6’4 265 TCU Huge kid, huge power
Gorman fell farther than anticipated. You could argue St. Louis got the best high-school raw power, college raw power, and slider in the entire draft. Roberts has a chance to start, but we think he ends up as a Luke Gregerson type because the slider is too good compared to the rest of the arsenal. He’s also a 22-year-old junior that was seem as going about a round later on talent and will almost certainly get a well-below-slot bonus here.

Tampa Bay Rays
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
16 6 50 Matt Liberatore LHP 18.6 6’5 200 MtnRidge HS Stuff & projection
31 34 45 Shane McClanahan LHP 21.1 6’1 173 USF t100, streaky, TJ
32 32 45 Nick Schnell CF 18.2 6’2 180 Roncalli HS 6 power/run/arm
56 69 40 Tyler Frank 2B 21.4 6’0 185 FAU Avg tools, great #’s
71 59 40+ Tanner Dodson RHP/CF 21.1 6’1 170 Cal t98, 6 run
Liberatore was a steal at No. 16 and we’re hearing the bonus is close to slot, implying he just slipped in a glut of prep pitchers at the top. McClanahan (TJ) and Schnell (concussions, etc.) each have injury concerns but big upside, with Schnell closing the season scorching hot and McClanahan performing poorly in front of Rays decision makers at the AAC tournament in Clearwater. Scouts are telling us McClanahan floated a $3 million price tag in the middle of the draft, so his signability is unclear at this spot but his market was in the 20s so it shouldn’t be much above slot, if at all. Frank is the club archetype of hit-first, second-base type prospects. Dodson was supposed to be announced as a two-way player, another sign the Rays have flexible roster construction on the big-league horizon. Some scouts had Dodson better as a bat entering the spring.

Texas Rangers
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
15 11 50 Cole Winn RHP 18.5 6’2 195 Orange Luth. HS Plus stuff/feel/td>
55 57 40+ Owen White RHP 18.8 6’3 175 Carson HS Elite projection &ath
The Rangers continue to go athlete, prep, upside types, as they tend to do. White fits this perfectly as a multi-sport, two-way projection arm who could explode in pro ball, while Winn is more of a finished product who’s already reached much of his upside.

Toronto Blue Jays
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
12 28 45 Jordan Groshans 3B 18.6 6’4 190 Magnolia HS Big power/arm, 3B fit
52 50 40+ Griffin Conine RF 20.9 6’1 195 Duke Huge power, good on Cape
Groshans looks like Josh Donaldson if you squint, but there’s a lot of work to be done to dial that in. Conine is the son of Jeff Conine and got a little too homer-oriented this spring, but was good on the Cape and closed strong, so he provides another potential everyday power bat.

Washington Nationals
Pick Rank FV First Last Pos Age Ht Wt School Strengths
27 16 45+ Mason Denaburg RHP 18.8 6’3 190 Merritt Island HS t97, + curve, ath
65 80 40 Tim Cate LHP 20.7 6’0 170 Connecticut Up to 95, + CB, RP fit
The Nats continue taking prep-upside/college-relief recently injured arms. Both of these guys got back on the mound for a few strong outings before the draft and their medicals cleared, both slipping about 10 spots from where they were seen pre-injury.


Here’s the rest of our rankings with the selected players removed. The first four are all prep players who need to go soon to have a chance to have their prices met; we’d guess at least three of those four join Mike Vasil (Virginia commit) at school. Marusak (Texas Tech), Cecconi (Miami), Hansen (Vandy), Becker (Vandy), Wright (Louisville), Schwartz (UCLA), Willis (LSU), Dieter (Stanford) all seem likely to go to school at this point from the below group.

FanGraphs Best Available
Rank FV First Last Pos Age Height Weight School Commitment
14 45+ Cole Wilcox RHP 18.9 6’5 220 HS Georgia
29 45 Kumar Rocker RHP 18.5 6’5 250 HS Vanderbilt
38 45 Mike Siani CF 18.9 5’11 190 HS Virginia
42 45 Adam Kloffenstein RHP 17.8 6’5 220 HS TCU
43 40+ Kyle Isbel RF 21.3 5’11 190 UNLV
48 40+ Jonathan Ornelas SS 18.0 6’0 170 HS Tennessee
52 40+ Konnor Pilkington LHP 20.7 6’3 228 Mississippi State
58 40+ Blaine Knight RHP 21.9 6’3 170 Arkansas
62 40 Max Marusak CF 18.6 6’0 180 HS Texas Tech
66 40 Richie Palacios 2B 21.1 5’9 160 Towson
67 40 Zack Hess RHP 21.3 6’6 216 LSU
70 40 Tristan Beck RHP 21.9 6’4 190 Stanford
71 40 Ryder Green RF 18.1 6’2 195 HS Vanderbilt
72 40 Kam Guangorena C 18.6 6’1 190 HS Fullerton
74 40 Zach Watson CF 20.9 6’0 166 LSU
75 40 Gage Canning CF 21.1 5’11 178 Arizona State
76 40 Durbin Feltman RHP 21.1 6’1 190 TCU
78 40 Cole Sands RHP 20.9 6’3 220 Florida State
82 40 Carlos Cortes LF 20.9 5’8 200 South Carolina
86 40 Stephen Gingery LHP 20.7 6’2 220 Texas Tech
87 40 Trey Riley RHP 20.1 6’2 180 Logan JC
88 40 Colton Eastman RHP 21.8 6’3 185 Fullerton
90 40 Lawrence Butler RF 17.9 6’4 200 HS West Virginia
91 40 Aaron Hernandez RHP 21.5 6’2 175 Texas A&M-CC
92 40 Hogan Harris LHP 21.4 6’3 230 Louisiana
93 40 Jake Wong RHS 21.8 6’1 210 Grand Canyon
94 40 Chandler Champlain RHP 18.9 6’5 215 HS USC
95 40 Cal Raleigh C 21.5 6’3 225 Florida State
97 40 Owen Sharts RHP 18.5 6’1 185 HS Nevada
98 40 Slade Cecconi RHP 18.9 6’4 193 HS Miami
99 40 Nick Dunn 2B 21.3 5’10 175 Maryland
100 40 Jason Bilous RHP 20.8 6’2 190 Coastal Carolina
102 40 Matt Mercer RHP 21.8 6’1 185 Oregon
103 40 Ryley Gilliam RHP 21.8 5’10 170 Clemson
104 40 Joey Gerber RHP 21.1 6’4 215 Illinois
105 40 Brett Hansen LHP 18.6 6’4 190 HS Vanderbilt
106 40 Terrin Vavra 3B 21.1 6’0 190 Minnesota
107 40 Adam Hackenberg C 18.7 6’2 225 HS Clemson
108 40 Dylan Coleman RHP 21.7 6’6 215 Missouri State
109 40 Garrett Wade LHP 18.8 6’2 180 HS Auburn
110 40 DaShawn Keirsey, Jr. CF 21.1 6’2 195 Utah
111 40 Nander De Sedas SS 18.9 6’1 190 HS Florida State
112 40 Jeremy Pena SS 20.7 6’0 180 Maine
113 40 WIlliam English RHP 17.5 6’3 185 HS Tennessee
114 40 Dominic Pipkin RHP 18.6 6’4 170 HS Cal
115 40 Austin Becker RHP 18.8 6’6 185 HS Vanderbilt
118 40 Noah Davis RHP 21.1 6’2 195 UC Santa Barbara
119 40 Tristan Pompey LF 21.2 6’4 200 Kentucky
120 40 Bren Spillane 1B 21.7 6’5 210 Illinois
121 40 Zack Haake RHP 21.7 6’4 215 Kentucky
122 40 Elijah Cabell RF 18.9 6’2 190 HS LSU
123 40 Charles Mack 2B 18.6 5’11 190 HS Clemson
124 40 Kerry Wright RHP 17.7 6’5 235 HS Louisville
125 40 Jack Neely RHP 18.0 6’9 230 HS Texas
126 40 J.T. Schwartz 3B 18.5 6’4 200 HS UCLA
127 40 Blaze Alexander SS 19.0 6’1 175 HS South Carolina
128 40 C.J. Willis C 17.9 6’3 195 HS LSU
129 40 Adam Hill RHP 21.2 6’5 215 HS Oregon
130 40 Brandon Dieter SS 18.5 6’0 170 HS Stanford

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Osiris Johnson is an 80-grade name.

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Gotta love Seth Beer. A headline writer’s dream.

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What a Bummer…

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